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Each month I write the eNewsletter to give you a window into our world and work. I hope you enjoy sharing in the discovery and excitement with us as we document this ancient library. If you ever miss a month, you can find all past eNewsletters on our website at: . Thanks for being here!
Alexandria Project Update
The team saved Alexandria Project site 159 - Beehive - for a cold day. Those big holes above the rock art panel are full of bees! It's better to invade the bees' territory when they are chilled, lethargic and want to stay close to home. The crew finished the day's documentation of the rock art without a single sting.

Heading into the Thanksgiving holiday we have completed drafting all outstanding field reports. This week the team will scout five new sites that have never been documented or received trinomials. We're excited to see what they find out there!

The Rock Art Network at Work
Replication as Conservation:
Lascaux, Chauvet and Altamira
The Rock Art Network is a working group of individuals and institutions committed to the promotion, protection and conservation of rock art globally. 

 Dr. Carolyn Boyd (above) represents Shumla and Texas State University as a member of the network.
The Rock Art Network was established by the Getty Conservation Institute and the Bradshaw Foundation with the purpose of fostering research, conservation, and collaboration and promoting public and political awareness of rock art - a vital but fragile part of our global heritage.
Each year, members of the network meet to address important issues, report on progress of prior commitments to further the mission of the Network and provide “I will” statements committing them to efforts for the upcoming year. Last year they visited us at Shumla (above). This year, they met in France and Spain (below).
Twenty-seven "Networkers" representing fourteen countries spent twelve days in meetings discussing "Replication as Conservation" and other related rock art topics. They are developing materials for the broader rock art community about best practices in rock art documentation, management, and conservation.

These materials will be available on the Bradshaw Foundation website alongside the Rock Art Network publication, " Rock Art: A cultural treasure at risk ." P roduced with strong input from traditional owners of rock art sites, this document identifies four pillars of rock art conservation policy and practice.
These dedicated scholars and conservators put in a lot of work. But the 2019 Rock Art Network Colloquium wasn’t all meetings. Networkers also visited paleolithic sites and replicas of sites and enjoyed fine food and wine together.
There will definitely be great things to come from these collaborations. In fact, in next month's eNews you'll get to see some incredible images of Lower Pecos rock art taken in the early 1960's shared by a Networker at the UCLA Rock Art Archive. Here's a teaser. Stay tuned!
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Wishing you and yours the happiest of Thanksgiving holidays. We are so grateful for each and every one of you!

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