Dear Fellow Lakesiders,

This is an exciting time of year in Lakeside. Throughout the spring, cottages are unbuttoned, the grounds crew prepares the beautiful gardens and historic buildings, and the Programming Team adds the final touches to the eagerly anticipated season. Last weekend, Lakeside welcomed families and friends back to the shoreline to open our 151st Chautauqua season, and we had an opportunity to gather with gratitude to honor the men and women who made the ultimate sacrifice while serving in the U.S. Military.

The Lakeside Association Board of Directors added to the May Chautauqua activity with its first Board meeting of the fiscal year on May 17. I am pleased to report it was a productive meeting indeed. We began the meeting surrounded in prayer by the Religious Life Advisory Team. We honored the life cycle of Board membership as we welcomed four new Board members and celebrated the upcoming retirement of another beloved Board member. 

Charles Allen, President and CEO of The Lakeside Association, reported on the successes and achievements of the 2023-2024 fiscal year and updated us on the current fiscal year. Charles also briefed us on progress toward the goal for each of the strategic priorities. Two task forces provided in-person updates, and we discussed and passed two important resolutions. As I reflect on the meeting, I affirm there is much to be encouraged about in Lakeside this season and in the coming years.

Consistent with our promise to provide Board meeting summaries as expeditiously as possible after each Board meeting, I offer the following summary to you. I look forward to working together in collaboration to promote, preserve, and support the Mission of The Lakeside Association. 

May your return to Lakeside for the 151st season be safe, restorative, and joyful. I hope to see you on the streets of Lakeside soon.

Faithfully yours,

 Jane Higgins Marx

 Chair, Association Board

2022-2023 Audited Financial Statements
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May 2024 Board Update & Summary

Lakeside Association Board of Directors

Upcoming Board Meetings

The full Board meets quarterly on May 17, 2024 and August 2, 2024 and via Zoom on November 8, 2024 and February 21, 2025. The business portion of the Association Board meeting on August 2 will be open to the community.

Coffee Chats with the President & CEO

Please join Charles Allen, Lakeside President & CEO, for weekly Coffee Chats. Meet Charles on Wednesdays from June 12-Aug. 28 at the Fountain Inn Aigler Room or Ooh La La to discuss key community topics and ask questions about Lakeside. Please note on the days Coffee Chats are held in Ooh La La, discussions will need to wrap up by 10:45 a.m.

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