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In fact, many of you already know us from engaging in our Customized Leadership Learning Journeys. We Co-Create these experiences in partnership with our clients. This is what makes them meaningful and game-changing for growing their business as well as their talent bench!

After being a bit of a secret, working with our amazing clients, we are taking some bold and courageous steps forward in 2023 and expanding our VOICE and PRESENCE. We will be bringing YOU exciting new Leadership Rigor resources and programs to accelerate YOUR performance and productivity.


Today, we are launching something exciting and NEW!

We are Going Beyond just having a website to bring you an interactive experience - our Learning and Partnership Site!

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Success Stories

Success Story

We just completed an amazing and comprehensive 8-year Customized Leadership Learning Journey with a privately owned family business.


Starting with the Executive Leadership Team, this initiative was cascaded throughout the organization and involved the entire community. This dynamic company inspired courageous conversations on growth and development across its talent bench. 


Over the course of the initiative this enterprise generated growth from $500M to just over $1.0B in revenue!


Now that’s Rigoring It!

Success Story

Proud to Share!

10 Most Influencial Leadership Consultant

We are grateful to CIO VIEWS for inviting us to share our Customized Leadership Learning Journey approach and for naming Erica Peitler a 10 Most Influential Leadership Consultant.


In this article we were given the opportunity to share our thoughts on the leadership skill of IMAGINATION and the powerful question of “What if?”


We also talk about the Leadership Rigor Model being a Conscious and By Design approach that looks at change as an integrated SYSTEM!


There are also a few coming attractions for our new initiatives in 2023 you might be curious to learn about.

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Click for Erica's story, in her own words!

Why Leaders choose Erica Peitler
Erica Peitler

Erica Peitler

CEO and Founder

Erica Peitler is a Change-Partner and Growth INFLUENCER with expertise in Designing and Facilitating Customized Leadership Learning Journeys. 

She works with Private Companies, Family Businesses and C-Suite Leaders to navigate life cycle dynamics as they take the transformational steps necessary to achieve their full potential. 

If you are ready to accelerate your ability to operate at a level of operational and organizational excellence, Erica and her team can engage with you on an individual, team or organizational level to achieve breakthroughs in Performance & Productivity!

Named a 10 Most Influential Leadership Consultant 2022

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