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Closing 2022 With A Message From Our President, Byron Carroll!

Check Out The International Trade Administration's Article Featuring Our Success Story!

Carroll International is honored to have been featured by the International Trade Administration for successfully expanding our global footprint. To read the article Carroll International Pivots To Gain Market Diversity, click the button below!

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Byron Carroll with Thomas R. Nides, the U.S. Ambassador to Israel

Byron Carroll with Kamal bin Ahmed Mohammed, the Minister of Transportation and Telecommunications

Byron Carroll with Noah “Nick” Perry, the U.S. Ambassador to Jamaica

Carroll International Is Officially Partnered With Daisy!

We are proud to announce our recent partnership with Daisy! Daisy Data Displays is a leading manufacturer of durable industrial computer and display solutions. Daisy is entrusted by specialized industries to produce both off-the-shelf and custom solutions for harsh environments — including flight simulation, oil & gas exploration, military, chemical, manufacturing, and pharmaceutical & food processing.

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With the Carroll International's online store,

government customers get SDVOSB and HUBZONE credit while securely

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  • Computer Displays & Systems
  • Network & Communication Technology
  • Office Equipment & Supplies
  • Consumer Electronics
  • Security Devices
  • Software Products
  • Multimedia Devices
  • POS Systems
  • Printers

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Software Solutions

Carroll International offers a plethora of software solutions to assist your organization!

Featured Software Solutions

  • Chemical Recon & Custom Object Detection
  • AI Geo-location & Smartwatch Health Metrics
  • Weapon & Threat Detection
  • Supplier Risk Management Tool
  • Global Intelligence Solutions
  • Radioactivity Detection

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A Special Thanks

The Carroll International Team would like to thank our most recent customers! We appreciate your business!

Industry News

How automation can solve persistent cybersecurity problems

(Federal Times)  It’s hard to justify replacing a system that continues to work well and perform all the functions you need it to. But as time goes by, these systems become deprecated and are superseded by modern technologies that are more efficient and effective.

NSA backs SBOM requirements in latest secure software advisory

(Federal News Network)  New guidance from lead cybersecurity agencies identifies Software Bills of Materials as a critical factor in ensuring security during the software acquisition process.

Why The Cybersecurity Workforce Needs Veterans

(Forbes) Reports in the last year from AARP and the Federal Trade Commission have shown that veterans are at higher risk of digital crime. They’re targeted more by scammers, resulting in the highest number of reported incidents among service members—nearly nine times more than active military personnel, according to the Federal Trade Commission

"The bad news is time flies. The good news is you're the pilot!"

-Michael Altshuler 

Top Defense Contractors' Stock Report


Trivia Answer: Cinnamon, Nutmeg, cloves, and dry ginger make up the pumpkin spice. It doesn’t contain pumpkin at all!

Dad Joke Answer: The Coast Gourd!

Carroll International Is Here To Serve You

Carroll International is currently working with government clients in the national security, intelligence, and defense communities as well as federal civilian agencies and commercial companies. 

We provide insightful information, cutting-edge technology, and strategic consulting services that your agency needs to help maximize return on investment and achieve your mission. We also partner with the top names in defense equipment manufacturing to meet the unique needs of our clients in national security. 

Whether you are protecting critical networks and infrastructure, investigating criminal activities, securing critical communications, targeting terrorists or narcotics traffickers, or analyzing sensitive intelligence—we can help. For more information on how Carroll International can assist you, please contact us!
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About Carroll International
Carroll International is a proud US-based veteran-owned small business. Our mission is to support America and its allies with solutions that help our great country grow. Our product & service delivery model includes project management, assessments, and services and product supply. Carroll International brings together our experienced and talented staff with our partner companies for teaming to assist organizations in developing the very best solutions. Through professional programs and project management, we connect government agencies and corporations with the right product and services.

• Heavily vetted by GD-MS, SBA for Hub Zone, and VA for SDVOSB
• Scored an A+ in our Rapid Ratings forensic accounting screening for the past 3 years.
• Executive staff of 21 currently, and 80% are veterans. 
• Quickly moving to be an international company. 
• Our HUBZONE and SDVOSB Certs. Renewed in 2022 for another 3 years.
• In 2020, our largest customer was the VA. Next DoD. 80+ Prime Contracts
• Our worldwide Corp. HQ is based in N.C. w/ Offices around the US
• NIST 800-171 with a Score of 110!! Working toward CMMC II
• GD-MS Supplier of the Year award for 2020. 
• Corning Optical Fiber Co. Top 10 Partners of the year for 2020
• American Red Cross recognized for outstanding service in 2021
• Our Mentor Protégé relationship was renewed for an additional 24 months 
•Carroll International and GDMS received the DoD Nunn Perry Award, in 2020, for Outstanding Mentor-Protégé relationship.
• In business since 2006