HPN Local Chapter Directors' Monthly Updates, Praises, and Requests

May 2024

Invite others to JOIN THE MOVEMENT!

Greetings, HPN Global LCD Family!

Hello to all of our wonderful Local Chapter Directors.

As spring prepares to transition to summer, we look forward to this new season together. We know many of you are planning fun summer events for your chapters, and we're excited for your communities to grow and deepen in the months ahead.

We want to remind you to please send us the names and email addresses for those involved with your chapter. We want to add all of these participants to our master list and gather as many people in prayer for Hollywood as possible! (Those names can be sent to Sarah.)

Thank you! We hope you have an amazing time praying and praising your way through this month's updates from around the world!

With gratitude,

Karen, Kelry, Myesha, Tim, and Sarah

Announcements from HPN


The best way to meet each other and get to know what's happening in HPN Hollywood, and in our global LCD communities, is to join our LCD Virtual Meetups! Get news from Hollywood headquarters, let us hear how you are, and of course, PRAY with us! 

We meet every third Saturday of the month. Mark your calendars for these upcoming Zoom dates, at 10am Pacific Time!

JUNE 15th, 2024

JULY 20th, 2024

AUGUST 17th, 2024

Click here for the NEW Zoom link!

Meeting ID: 838 4615 3362

Passcode: 673641

A Transition Away from Eventbrite

In the next few weeks, as we prepare for the launch of our official HPN app, we will be ceasing the use of Eventbrite for any of our HPN chapter events. We are so excited to be able to use one platform for everyone's future event-planning needs.

We will let you know immediately once the new app and website are ready to use. In the next few weeks, if you need help planning an event for your chapter, please email Myesha at myesha@hpnemail.org.

Save the date...


A Global Day of Prayer for Media & Entertainment

Sunday, October 27th, 2024

We are excited to share that HPN is a part of a new global effort of prayer for media, arts, and entertainment professionals, projects, and influence. 

On Sunday, October 27th, 2024 we will be sharing in a GLOBAL day of prayer called, "UNITE."

We're working with prayer leaders from around the world to break up the 24 hours with Hosts from different time zones, who will take turns leading prayer on a live stream.  

We would love to include as many HPN Local Chapter Directors as possible!

If any of you would like to find out more about serving as a Host during the event, please respond and let us know you're interested. It would be thrilling to have HPN LCDs from all of our 42 countries involved in this 24 hours of prayer. We especially need people from Brazil, Singapore and India!

The time commitment would be 2-3 hours on 10/27 for each leader, and we would be glad to help you plan out your time slot.

Please join us for this exciting global movement of prayer across the planet! 

Invite your chapter members

to our weekly prayer call....

Every Friday | 12 - 1 pm Pacific | ZOOM or Phone

Join us for a powerful hour of praise and prayer for our industry, where HPN members call in from around the globe and pray for the industry and each other.


Also, if you're interested in launching a weekly prayer call in a different time zone, please respond and let us know! We would love to see our weekly calls expand.

Introducing two new Local Chapter Directors!

Janna Carson

(Grand Rapids, MI)

Janna is a creative at heart, though mostly as a hobby. She appreciates animals, nature, journaling, reading, drawing, theater, music, inspirational/true story movies/documentaries, and singing. She has experienced leading church worship, has a hope to become fluent at guitar and is working on writing her first book, a memoir.

She graduated from Michigan State University in 2017 acquiring a Bachelor’s Degree in Veterinary Technology and is now working full time as a Licensed Veterinary Nurse caring for dogs and cats in Grand Rapids, MI. A big dream of hers is to utilize her skills on large exotic mammals.

She loves Lake Michigan, traveling, and trying new restaurants (especially if she can support privately-owned businesses). She is the youngest of 4 children (2 sisters and 1 brother), has two cats of her own and is an aunt to two sweet girls and one adorable boy.

Tchoula Noumi Desire 

(Pyeongtaek, South Korea)

Pastor Desire is the Assistant Pastor of Mountain of Fire & Miracles Ministries (MFM) located in the Songtan area of Pyeongtaek, South Korea.

His history with God began in 2004, when he attended a Full Gospel church in Cameroon. He has been involved with MFM South Korea since 2018, where he has a specific desire of reaching the local African community.

Pastor Desire believes God's Kingdom must positively influence the media, as well as the arts and entertainment industries, in order to influence how people think, talk, and act.

Updates from Around the World...

Recapping 21 nights of prayer!

Leading up to the National Day of Prayer on May 2nd, HPN hosted nightly Zoom prayer sessions for 21 nights, and we were blown away by everyone's participation.

Thank you to the following LCDs for leading us in prayer!

Stephen Bennett (Sydney, Australia)Ariel Harrison (Nashville, TN)

Megan McCloud (St. Augustine, FL)

Chellee Roberts (Birmingham, AL)

We also had LCDs log on from around the world to join us in prayer, including Cassandra Hollis (Atlanta, GA). Thank you all for your powerful prayers!

An animatic from France

Philippe Manzano, our LCD in Montpellier, France, recently preached on the book of Judges and had a creative and fun idea for stirring up the audience's attention. He developed a short animatic to support his message!

Click on the image to the right to watch Philippe's animatic, and feel free to email him with comments or encouragement!

Celebrating Myesha!

At HPN we like to say we have the dream team working on our staff. Many of you have connected and interacted with HPN team member, Myesha Reynolds. Myesha has her own consulting business (Equity Lens Consultants) that specializes in bringing God's perspective to the realm of diversity, equity, and inclusion. Earlier this month Myesha was interviewed on the iRefresh podcast. You can watch the interview by clicking the screenshot above. 

We couldn't be more proud of all the work she's doing for the Kingdom! We love you, Myesha!

We love this fun selfie from our chapter in Salem, OR...

A new animated series from Kristen Collier

Kristen Collier is our LCD in Grand Haven, MI. Kristen has recently developed a three-part children's cartoon in a deal with Bridgestone. She shares, "The theme verse is Hebrews 12:2a because the main character is a red cyclops octopus named Blink, so it's an object lesson to help people keep their eyes on Jesus!"

Kristen has offered us a screener of the first episode, which you can watch here. Congratulations, Kristen!

Highlighting HPN Honolulu

We want to encourage all of our LCDs that what you do matters and is making a difference!

Our LCD in Honolulu, Theresa Pang, recently sent out a newsletter for her chapter we wanted to share with you, to give you some ideas for possible chapter events to host.

There's a virtual prayer night, an in-person hiking group, and announcements about future events co-hosted with other LCDs.

We hope this will inspire you in your own chapters! You're not in this alone. Please reach out if you'd like help brainstorming ideas for events.

A wonderful prayer summit in South Korea

Just a few weeks ago our chapter in Seoul, South Korea, held their inaugural prayer summit! The chapter, led by LCD Simeon Workar, gathered together for a time of food, fellowship, and prayer, with a special focus on interceding for the media and entertainment industry.

We know the arts are a powerful tool for spreading the truth and glory of God all around the world, and we are thankful for this team taking the time to lift up the media industry from South Korea.

Alexandra Boylan's journey as a filmmaker

On a recent podcast, our Sherman Oaks, CA, LCD, Alexandra Boylan, was given the opportunity to share her journey as an actress and how the challenges turned her towards writing and producing films.

This interview will be an encouragement and an inspiration to all who are interested in the film industry. Thank you for boldly sharing your story, Alexandra! We're cheering for you!

An update on Pray for The Chosen

Our LCD in Arlington, TX, Joey Geisel, has a huge heart to pray for the TV series The Chosen. Over the past year he has spearheaded the launch of prayer calls in multiple languages and time zones. Below you will find a list of the different calls happening each week.
Each of these leaders either is a Local Chapter Director already, or is going through the onboarding process right now to become one.

Eastern Hemisphere (Australia): 4PM on Fridays

Led by Anusha Jebanasam and Melinda Gurling

Portuguese: 7AM on Saturdays

Led by Ana Paula Paschoal

Western Hemisphere (Texas): 8AM Saturdays

Led by Joey Geisel

French: 9AM, every 3rd Saturday

Led by Philippe Manzano

Spanish: 12PM on Saturdays

Led by Mariana Martinez and Vanesa Esteche

Malagasy: TBA

Led by Narindra Randria

(All times are written in Pacific Time.)

- - -

To Joey and the incredible team: THANK YOU for all of your efforts to lift up this great television series in prayer. You are having an eternal impact for the Kingdom.
Anyone interested can learn more information about these calls at their website and receive information regarding the Zoom calls each week.

An exciting weekend in Nashville, TN.

This past Saturday, HPN Program Director Kelry Kirschenmann flew to Nashville to join LCDs Justin and Ariel Harrison in a special event for their chapter. She shared parts of her testimony, including how she went from an orphan adopted in Brazil, to her miraculous salvation in jail, to living her colorful and joy-filled life in Christ with her family in Hollywood.

It was a special, impactful time, and we are so excited about the community that Justin and Ariel are building in Nashville! Well done, you two!

Ways to Pray for our Global LCDs...

Balikoowa Joshua (Kampala, Uganda)

"My chapter together with Film Club Uganda have been praying for the Entertainment Industry and for policy makers in government to streamline the industry with a copyright law that has not been in establishment since the founding of our country. Recently, a few industry executives have been engaging with policy makers in our nations government to develop a bill which would bring forth the copyright law into existence. The new bill will favor creatives at all stages of development as we seek to grow and innovate. Stand with us in prayer that God will touch the movers of the bill to bring everything to speed."

Matt Martin (Dallas-Fort Worth, TX)

Please pray for an upcoming meeting on June 3rd.

Alina Koval (Berlin, Germany)

Please pray for a balance of school and core team meetings, as well as guidance and wisdom for a new regular prayer call she will be starting.

Olajide Tunde Ojoniyi (Abuja, Nigeria)

Olajide and team have built a mini studio for their production company, Pora Films. Now that their studio is set, they're about to kick off creating faith-based impactful, uplifting content and a few clean, entertaining projects for YouTube and Instagram. Please lift up their production company as they begin this new chapter in Nigeria!

An Encouragement from LCD Coordinator,

Pastor Tim Kirschenmann, Jr.

The Potter and the Clay

Feeling Stretched?

He is the Potter! We are the clay shaped in His hands for His glory!

When we are feeling stretched, it's an opportunity to be open to learning how to surrender in a whole new way, so that we can more fully receive the grace available to us. He's helping us know who we are, and Who He Is within us.

In this time when we remember the day of Pentecost, remember that Jesus made the way not only for Him to be in you, but also upon you and overflowing through you! He is faithful to help us grow in the reality of being children of God. 

"He who believes in Me, as the Scripture has said, out of his heart will flow rivers of living water." (John 7:38, NKJV)

We are His holy possession. We are the tabernacle of the Holy Spirit!

Jesus is our example. He was surrendered to the will of the Father at every moment, and thereby anointed above all others. He's helping us learn to line up with His power. Moses was the meekest (most reliant) man on the planet. He wasn't even born-again, yet he is a great example of how God can use a surrendered vessel.

He wants to reveal Himself more through us! Willingly surrendering is a huge key!

He is trustworthy!

"I am the vine, you are the branches. He who abides in Me, and I in him, bears much fruit; for without Me you can do nothing." (John 15:5)

Happy Pentecost!



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