I Love Ecuador! We Return with a "Love Song to Ecuador" and a Tribute to Manta's Fallen Mayor Augustin Intriago, My Friend and The Friend of the People.

This month we were schedule to start shooting our Documentary on the Achuar Tribe, indigenous people of the Amazon. Unfortunately, a government shutdown and civil unrest caused us to postpone our plans. We lost a dear friend to an assassin's bullet, Agustin Intriago, who was a great supporter of our venture. The new elections were last week, and the US Government is stepping in to control the trafficking, so, Far Out Kids and Traveling Star are heading back to Ecuador for Pre-Production right after Thanksgiving and to meet the Minister of Tourism and Amazon Officials. Our plan is to attend all the top Film Festivals in 2024 with this tribute to the People of the Trees of Life and our dear friend Mayor Intriago.

I love Ecuador! I spent six glorious months exploring the country: The Pacific Ocean coastline, the Andes Mountains, and the diverse countryside. The Amazon has always been part of my Bucket List. With Wonders of Ecuador as the backdrop, I promised that I would return this fall to shoot a documentary Trees of Life - A Love Song to Ecuador. Executive Producer of the Documentary will be two-time Oscar winner Albert Ruddy.

It will feature two of the most talented women I know. Two-time Oscar nominated Carol Connors will write the music and lyrics. Multi-Award-winning Humanitarian Photographer Michele Zousmer will capture the essence of the Ecuadorian people and life. Both women helped change Child Labor in Costa Rica.

The Indigenous of the Ecuadorian Amazon are under the watchful eye of Silvia Santi of Planning and Technical Secretariat of the Amazon. She is committed to protecting their way of life, human rights, and outside corporate influences with sustainable development of the Amazon in mind.

A Love Song to Ecuador by Iconic Award-Winning Songwriter Carol Connors

Carol Connors will write a Theme Song for Ecuador Tourism and perform her One Woman Show: Elvis, Rocky and Me-The Carol Connors Story.  Carol and Sylvester (Rocky) Stallone. have become best friends. She has been nominated for 10 major music awards including the theme song for Rocky, (Gonna Fly Now) She has written theme songs for Lifestyle of the Rich and Famous, Jamaica, Malaysia, Royal Brunei Airlines, Los Angeles, Children of the Coffee, theONE, etc. She also wrote Disney's theme song for The Rescuers.

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A Tribute to Ecuador by Award-Winning Humanitarian Photographer Michele Zousmer

Michele Zousmer is a humanitarian and fine arts photographer. Her camera gives voice to people and marginalized communities around the world. Her work shows quiet moments of life, love and loss. Capturing elusive moments of grace and beauty that exist in the most difficult times, emotional connections not seen by many. Michele celebrates each individual’s strength and beauty. Michele was the photographer who inspired our documentary Children of the Coffee. Her photographs changed Costa Rica child labor forever.

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Albert Ruddy - Two-Time Oscar Winning Producer, Featured in Paramount's The Offer.

This past year has been very Special for Albert Ruddy, Oscar winning producer for the Godfather and Million Dollar Baby. Paramount released the Offer, a10-Part Series about the making of the Godfather featuring Miles Teller as Albert Ruddy. He also released Cry Macho, produced by him and Clint Eastwood.

Hector Alfaro Robles - Cafe Television Off to Cannes Film Festival Again

Hector Alfaro Robes of Cafe TV returns to the Cannes Film Festival for the second year in a row. with another Award-Winning film. We have worked with Hector for 20 years. Hector will serve as Director and Cinematographer of the project.

Roy Hahn - Executive Producer

Nanda Yepez Documentary & TV Host

Niels Olsen - "Welcome to Ecuador"

Popular Minister of Tourism

The very popular Ministry of Tourism is in the process of making all the necessary administrative arrangements for the creation of a new country brand, with the commitment of the Ministry of Production, Foreign Trade, Investment and Fisheries and the General Secretariat of Communication of the Presidency of the Republic.

Juan Carlos Garcia - COO Kapawi

and Amazon Travel Tour Expert

Juan Carlos Garcia has been working with the Achuar Tribe for more than 25 years. He is a travel designer and has worked with Fundacion Pachamama, the World Wildlife Fund, The Nature Conservancy, and the Rainforest Alliance.

Silvia Santi - Secretary of Ecuador Amazon

ROMA Children's Boot Drop