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The Pet Memorial Sunday 2016 Tribute Scroll is now available for your viewing. 

A Loss Is A Loss 
If a dog is man's best friend, why is it that society expects us to move on from the death of one so soon? Cats are supposed to have 9 lives but what happens to the people they leave behind when the last one runs out?

How can the importance of pets and the positive impact they have on our development and well-being be dismissed when they pass away? For those who have not had the privilege of becoming attached to a  pet, it may be beyond them to understand the emptiness that follows the loss.  To better understand why grief from the loss of a pet may be more difficult to process, explore these differences between pet and human loss:
  • Unconditional Love: Our pets are always there for us and their enthusiasm for just being with us knows no bounds. When they are gone, we miss them terribly and the loss of companionship can feel overwhelming. As humans, we seldom experience unconditional love from the many people in our life.
  •  No Ceremony: Unlike with humans, there commonly are no formal ceremonies to help you put your precious pet in his/her final resting place. (Once a year, Chartiers Custom Pet Cremation offers a beautiful Pet Memorial Sunday Service for families who have lost their precious pet.)  To learn more about this healing service, you may want to visit 
  • No Time Off:  More often than not,  people are not given any time off from work or other responsibilities to grieve the loss of their pet.  A growing number of companies are now acknowledging a pet loss as significant and are offering pet bereavement leave. To learn of current pet bereavement practices,  you may want to read the article at Pet Bereavement Leave
  •  "Get Over It":  You would never think of saying this to a friend or family member just days after the loss of a human.  Sadly, this sentiment is expressed often when the loss is "just a pet."  This mentality is both disrespectful to the pet who has died and human who is grieving the loss. 
  •  Afterlife:  Most human religions offer a view of life after death for humans but are painfully silent about the existence of our pets after their passing.   For the spiritually inclined, people often wonder if their beloved pet will join them on "the other side?"  (The idea of the Rainbow Bridge as a meeting place where humans and their pets will again be together offers a comforting view of the future filled with the possibility of being reunited.) For a copy of the Rainbow Bridge poem, go to 
In our November Newsletter, we will shed light on other differences between the loss of your pet and a human loss to help understand the pain of grieving the loss of your precious companion.

Warm Woods
Fall turns our attention to the woods as the leaves turn.  These beautiful hand crafted wood urns provide a wide variety of choices in material and presentation so that the urn you ultimately choose is a one of a kind memorial to honor your precious companion. 

Manufactured in the United States, this urn allows you easy access to frequently change the picture of your beloved pet, if you so desire.  Frolicking while raking the leaves, scampering about in the first snow, snoozing by the campfire or playing catch -- you can change them to suit the seasons and rekindle your fondest memories.  Appropriately named Magic Window due to this attribute, the urn is available in Cherry, Oak Walnut, and Maple woods and in small, medium, and large sizes.

To customize this urn. you also have a variety of five frame choices:
              Rectangle  --  Oval --  Double Oval
                Tilted Heart  --  Straight Heart
All urns can be engraved with your pet's name and dates.    Additionally, you may choose to have a sentiment or simple image, such as a pawprint, heart or crown lasered on the top, back, or side of the urn.   Your precious companion will rest peacefully in this beautifully designed urn made extra special by you.

If you would like more information on this urn,
 please call Deb at 412/220-7800
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Enjoy the crisp autumn air upon us,


Deb Chebatoris
Chartiers Custom Pet Cremation