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A Letter from Larry Movshin
CSA Board Chairman
October 26, 2020
Dear Sea Pines property owners,

The CSA Board of Directors held a special meeting this afternoon to discuss the status of the preparations for a Special Tax District as well as to consider additional funding alternatives.

Since the announcement of the Board’s recommendation to pursue a Special Tax District, many property owners indicated strong support for a simple referendum and equally strong desire for the Board to attempt this approach before going the route of a Special Tax District.

Given this optimism and support, the Board voted today to give the community an opportunity to solve its revenue issues through a simple referendum for an increased assessment rather than through the creation of a Special Tax District. The referendum will increase residential assessments by $600 starting in 2022 and may include increases to both the Resort and commercial property owners’ assessments. The referendum will likely go out for a vote later this year.

During the referendum timeframe, the Sea Pines CSA Staff and Board plan to continue working on the Special Tax District specifics so it will be ready to implement should the referendum fail to achieve the required 75% +1 of the votes.

Online resources will be available this week to provide you with information regarding the referendum. As always, I urge you to seek accurate and whole information and to email with any feedback or questions that are not addressed in the online resources.

Larry Movshin
CSA Board Chairman
Sea Pines Community Services Associates 
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