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August 13, 2018

Dear Sea Pines Property Owner,
I hope you are having a great Monday! I wrote to you last week with an invitation to the upcoming Greenwood Drive Reconstruction Project community meeting and presentation which will be held tomorrow August 14 at 10 a.m. EST. Additional details on how to join the meeting can be found by clicking here . If you have the opportunity, I hope you can attend. If not, we will send out a link to the recording of the meeting in our next email.
At this meeting you will hear fr om Andrew Bajoczky with Cranston Engineering and Russell Fredericks our Director of Maintenance, as they explain how we will work to correct existing stormwater drainage and roadway issues in the 1.5 mile project area along Greenwood Drive from Club Course Drive to Plantation Drive.

This is a big project for Sea Pines and unfortunately it will create traffic delays and inconvenience for those coming and going from Sea Pines. We are planning this project for the Fall to help avoid some of our Spring and Summer peak traffic while still being able to work in temperatures suitable for paving. 

In future letters and additional communications I will be providing more detail on this and other roadway and stormwater projects in our community. Many of these are past due for completion and others are coming due soon. I will also be providing you with more information on these plans to provide a clear picture of the challenges we face with these projects. Stay tuned! 

As I mentioned in previous communications our recent increase to the daily visitor gate fee combined with the previous increase to the commercial daily pass rate will help provide additional funding for this and future projects. At our annual meeting this Spring I provided a deeper look into many of our stormwater and roadway challenges.  Click here to view that video.

Our work continues, but to catch up and continue our efforts to ensure that Sea Pines is up to satisfactory standards we will soon be asking you to approve additional funding. We have talked about this before and will continue to provide more information on this in upcoming communications. 

Next week I’ll provide an update on our recent purchase of a property just outside our Greenwood gate commonly referred to as “the Gallery of Shops” (14 Greenwood Drive). We believe this purchase will help us significantly improve traffic flow into Sea Pines at the Greenwood gate.  
Until then, enjoy your week and as always feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions.

Thank you,


Bret Martin,
Sea Pines CSA President 

Sea Pines Community Services Associates 
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