The A-CAPP Center filed an amicus brief before the Second Circuit Court of Appeals this month in the  Nike v. Wu  case. The case confronts issues related to enforcement against trademark counterfeiters. 

The Center was joined in its brief by the AAFA. The Center team included: Kari Kammel, Jay Kennedy and Leah-Evert Burks, along with recent A-CAPP Center grads: Minelli Manoukian, Daniel Cermak, Joseph Longo and current A- CAPP legal researchers
Tyler Armstrong and Jonas Hallstein.

Jay Kennedy is now a Forbes contributor writing on product counterfeiting, with a focus on consumer goods.  Should any partners have ideas for topics they would like to see covered, reach out to Jay at

Jay's first article focused on the online shopping boom and how it could lead to a rise in counterfeits — read it below.
The 16th edition was released in our new easy to access online format and does not require a subscription to read!

This edition focuses on the brand protection community during the COVID-19 pandemic.
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On W ednesday, June 3, A-CAPP Center's Kari Kammel and Jay Kennedy spoke at the NASBITE 2020 virtual conference.

Their talk discussed strategies that SMEs can use to implement effective brand protection programs including partnering with other SMEs and their larger supplier partners, developing trademark registration strategies that align with their market and growth-based needs and expanding existing employees' duties to include brand protection activities.
On Jun e 10, 2020, A-CAPP's Kari Kammel moderated a session at the ABA Section of Intellectual Property Law online event, " Countering the Counterfeiters." Kari was accompanied by Goli Gharib, Kebharu Smith, Nate Davis and Geoffrey Goodale.
On July 15, 2020 Leah Evert-Burks, Industry Fellow and Editor in Chief of the A-CAPP Center's Brand Protection Professional, will be monitoring a panel with AAFA/IACC leaders on " Coming Through the Coronavirus Crisis: Assessing Impact. "
The A-CAPP Center would like to welcome our Summer 2020 students who are working virtually for the Center.

Our Summer 2020 students include: Tyler Armstrong (2L MSU Law), Emily Binienda (1L MSU Law), Lucy Ching (Criminal Justice), Jeremy Contardi (Criminal Justice), Tori Curtis (Supply Chain Management), Madison Gowell (Criminal Justice), Annabelle Greseth (Political Science), Jonas Hallstein (2L MSU Law), Deepu Karchalla (Criminal Justice), Kaylee Kern (Accounting & Criminal Justice), Mae O'Dell (Criminal Justice), Logan Pechtel (Criminal Justice), Elise Plancon (3L MSU Law), Madison Postal (Advertising Management), Benjamin Raab (Political Theory & Constitutional Democracy), Chloe Reed (2L MSU Law), Elizabeth Thomas (Criminal Justice).

The A-CAPP Center student program allows for students to gain experience in research in anti-counterfeiting and brand protection. If you are interested in funding our interns, visit our website below.