Message from 
Pars Kutay

It has become a New Time, a Time during which High Frequencies of Light Plasma Energy are making available a Higher state of Consciousness for All receptive. 

In spite of appearances, everything is proceeding according to Divine Plan -- "the train has left the station".

We Allow the process for all is as it should be as frequencies of Light flow to the world in increasingly intense Waves of Higher Consciousness. We simply ALLOW the process! Trust that our Higher Self knows exactly what we are ready for, when we are ready, and how to bring it to us.

We have reached that point of Spiritual readiness where we must begin to let go of and move beyond doubt, for doubt is nothing more than a facet of separation belief.

We are no longer in and of this former state of
Consciousness, but have Evolved to become a NEW and Awake individuals (the real meaning of being "born again"), one who understand the world differently than in the past through a Consciousness that recognizes the Divine nature of Self and others.

The time is Here and Now to Acknowledge, Accept, and begin living as a Divine BEing. High frequencies of Ascension Energy are forcing all who have been preparing through lifetimes, to make this choice.
The time for procrastination is over. The time is NOW for all who are serious about their Spiritual Evolution.

NOW is a Perfect and Powerful time for the Awakened to move into NEW realms of Consciousness and leave behind everything that no longer serves their SOUL.

We must live in the NOW moment as an observer, not ignoring what we observe, but rather seeing the world through eyes of Spiritual Awareness.

Whatever a Spiritually Aware Observer does, he/she always does it from Center, following the guidance that flows freely from Spiritual Awareness and Trust.
The time has arrived for all awake to live what they know by bringing Unconditional Love into every situation and circumstance no matter how seemingly "HU-man" it may appear.

Bringing Unconditional Love into some toxic situation may mean powerfully stating to Self and others; "Enough is enough".

We Always honour our own Divine Self.
It means fully accepting ourSelf as a Divine BEing here on Earth to Awaken, Learn, Evolve, and then Assist others ready to understand and ascend to Higher Dimensional realities.

Everything we have been preparing for lifetimes has arrived.

Love & Light
Pars Kutay,
Protecting the Mother Earth for all future generations!

Rev. Barbara
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Kryon Leads a Life Changing Advanced Healing and Activation Session


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