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January 2023

Earlier this month, the American Academy of Pediatrics released their practice guidelines for treating children with "obesity." These guidelines, which include putting toddlers on diets and performing bariatric surgery on middle schoolers, are problematic and alarming. Rather than repeat the same points that some of our colleagues have already done a great job explaining, we encourage you to check out these pieces if you would like to learn more:

"Special Edition: Dangerous New American Academy of Pediatrics Guidelines for Higher-Weight Children by Ragen Chastain

"Dear Kids (Especially Higher Weight Kids), The American Academy of Pediatrics Got It Wrong" by Dr. Rachel Millner

"Response to American Academy of Pediatrics' Guidelines" by the Collaborative of Eating Disorders Organizations

Meanwhile, in this month's feature, I share a couple of recent observations and correct a mistake that I made in my last blog.




A Few Scattered Thoughts

Sometimes I wish we had a list of the laws that we are actually supposed to abide by and those that are just for show so everyone could be on the same page. As it stands, each of us picks and chooses which laws to follow and those from which we rationalize our special exemption. Read More

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