A message from the Executive Director
D ear Friends,
I would like to take this opportunity to wish all of the children returning to school in Mobile, Baldwin, Escambia and Washington counties a safe and blessed new school year.

Over half of 2019 is over. Or team, staff and volunteers, have been hard at work, focused on the mission. We remain focused on our mission of being a safety net for the uninsured in the three counties that we serve. We look forward to keeping you updated through the rest of the year. In this months newsletter, we highlight the homeless in rural areas. The article is very informative and there is so much that we can do to help curb the homeless population. Moreover, this issue also includes a comprehensive article on the rural hospital decline in the United States.

Don't forget our  8th annual "No Show Gala"  runs now through the month of September 30, 2019. If you haven't mailed in your donation, we promise not to spend your money on a venue, decorations, catered dinner, or entertainment. We pledge that your gift will be invested in our continued mission of providing medication to our community completely free of charge.   All proceeds for this "event" will benefit the Ozanam Charitable Pharmacy patients in keeping them connected to their life-sustaining medications. All contributions of any size are all tax deductible. We will have a link to the "event" in this month's newsletter.

Lastly, SAVE THE DATE! for "Wild Wild West" Thursday, November 7, 2019 at the Ezell House. I am looking forward to seeing you in your western gear!

Shearie Archer
 Executive Director
Photo taken by: Tenaysha Carroll
Unsheltered And Uncounted: Rural America's Hidden Homeless

For more information or how you can help the rural homeless go to:

Flyer designed by Tenaysha Carroll
'Leaving billions of dollars on the table'
Rural hospitals foundering in states that declined Obamacare

Sources: UNC Cecil G. Sheps Center for Health Services Research, Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation
Tickets go on sale September 3, 2019
Flyer Designed by: Tenaysha Carroll
Happy Birthday to staff and volunteers in
August and September!

Cathy Whelton
(Front Desk Volunteer)
August 28

David Wancowicz
(Pharmacy Tech Volunteer)
August 28

Judy Kramer
(Patient Assistance Coordinator)
August 29

Carol Robbins
(Front Desk Volunteer)
September 8

Annie Daniels
(Chief Pharmacist)
September 29

I n loving memory....

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