A Day For Chef

Charlie Trotter

November 5, 2023

CHICAGO---October 19, 2023

Reknown and acclaimed Chef Charlie Trotter passed away 10 years ago on November 5th, 2013, but we still remember his teachings...

Chef Didier, principal of ABustForCharlie.com, proclaims November 5th, 2023 to be "A Day For Chef Charlie Trotter", in recognition of his culinary achievements.

He likened cooking to an improvisational jazz session in that as two riffs will never be the same, so too with food. 


He also wrote 14 cookbooks and three management books and promoted a line of organic and all-natural gourmet foods distributed nationally.


Trotter was involved with his philanthropic Charlie Trotter Culinary Education Foundation and other causes. He was awarded the Humanitarian of the Year award in 2005 by the International Association of Culinary Professionals. He invited groups of public high school students into his restaurant as part of his Excellence Program two to three times per week: after eating a meal, the students were told how the food was prepared and the motivations of those preparing it.

Restaurants, Hotels, Eateries, and the hospitality industry in Chicago as well as on the east and west coasts, will celebrate his culinary passion with a special dish or menu for the week of November 5th to November 11th, 2023.

Each participating establishment will be announced soon at www.abustforcharlie.com. Your reservation for this special event will be made directly to your selected restaurant.

Chef Charlie Trotter worked relentlessly at putting Chicago on the Culinary map of the United States.

Press and all other questions please contact: Chef Didier Cell 773-620-3986 or chefdidierdurand@yahoo.com