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October 21, 2021
Level up with creative career tips - coupled with a side of inspiration
A Production House for Do-Gooders, from Three Creative Siblings 
Meet Washington creatives who are leading the way

Three siblings decided to combine their diverse creative talents and start a business dedicated to amplifying the voices of local artists and nonprofits. We talked to filmmaker Sherri Urann about how they got started, and why they recommend being intentional about collaborating and how you choose your next project.
Anatomy Of A Business Plan

Ready to make your creative business dream a reality? It all starts with a business plan. We've been out in the trenches talking to creative business owners to give you this guide with tons of info and insights to help you jump start your journey. 
Perfecting Your Elevator Pitch

There’s more than a few ways to answer the world’s most common party question: What do you do? Here are some ways to grab their attention, make an impression, and tell your professional story while still being true to yourself.
Mission. Vision. Values. Write your Executive Summary Like a Boss

Before you start writing your business plan, level up your terminology with our glossary terms to find out what's included in the executive summary, market analysis and operations sections of a business plan.