~ A Cosmic Flush ~

Message ~ Meditation ~ Activation
Full Moon
Energy Experience

Saturday, November 4th
Message ~
This month’s Full Moon Illumination will help us Reveal hidden and dormant energies that may be trapped deep within the crevices of our embodiment's. 

We are in a “ Cosmic Flush’ , which is an infinite energy that is beyond definition. Trapped Energies from the Cosmos are being pushed in every direction, and the Portals holding Pockets of Pus are starting to open, and be Released . This Phlegm is causing the Energy of the Embodiment to Flare-up, resulting in a great need to “ Flush our Systems ”, and releasing a coded-control that has trapped our Embodiment's from Self-Healing.
As the Cosmic Flush begins to PUSH through us, more and more will be letting go to a peaceful-surrender.  The trapped Embers of the Embodiment are starting to Rise. These Embers are described as the Burn of Time .  Some have burned-out completely and have Passed to Ash, while others are Barely Lit with hope in their Heart to Re-Ignite a greater light .  The Flue must be open at all times to keep this Flame of Fullness (Illumination). 

Everyone has been through hardships, there are those still living in Fear, and the Stress levels are on an all-time high. We must recognize that these obstacles of coded-control can be released and let go, by the Divine Will of Forgiveness and Love .

As the Energy Pockets begin to Flush , we will see a great Removal of the Past , that we are now ready to be Released from. This Flushing is going to happen whether we are Ready or not. So being Conscious and Aware of these many changes and alterations, will help one to understand the importance of letting go peacefully. In Grace and Ease, we shall get through another Shift already upon us.
While we are in this Cosmic Flush , the Embodiment ‘may’ be Experiencing a lot of “ sneezing, headaches, sinus drainage, coughing, plugged ears, fevers and even flu like symptoms ”. When we go through Spiritual Alterations and begin to Awaken, the Sleeping and Dormant Dust ( Ashes of our Past) must be swept clean. Otherwise, when the Dormant Dust begins to rise, one will consume the allergens from within, creating a reaction to the System.

There are some that experience these symptoms where a medical doctor needs to be seen, and there are others who are spiritually awakened that understand these shifts and how our bodies respond during them. Either way, LISTEN to your body, and Discern what to do for it.  Take care of the Feelings you are experiencing and help the energy to Shift within the Shift .  The Body is trying to Release and be Rid of the Trapped Toxins that have been caught in the 1 st Chakra where the Fire is barely lit. We need to open the Crown Chakra of the Coded Conscious Connection to the Cosmos , and Release

We need an ‘ updraft ’ of air to move the Energy in our Embodiment , so that the Fire of Desire Can Rise upwardly, Opening the Crown Chakra (like a Fireplace Flue) to Release what may be trapped down below. This is a good time to begin the Art of Breathing .  Inhale . . . and blow!!!!!

We are in a very deep Cleansing Period for all Living Elements. There is a Major Purification going on and the Flush Shall Continue, until the Sediment of Past is Dissolved and Transmuted .
We are all continually being Activated by the Light. Our Chakra’s and Embodiments System is Ready and Willing for these changes to take place. It is time for us to be in a Self-Empowerment of our own Embodiments . It is time for us to Heal ourselves with the Alchemy of Self-Love

Our DNA structure is Upgrading with New Energy to our Systems . We are Energetically changing on a daily process, to withstand the continual shifts that we are going through.
We are Awakening and in an Awareness , we are becoming Light and Free .  

Accepting these changes through this Shift instead of ignoring it, will help the process of the embodiment's alterations in the ascension plan sooner. 

Applying daily mantras, rest, letting go of what can no longer be controlled of, and Embracing the Body while in transition, will help the Wings Open from the Cocoon, as a Vessel of Victory , over all old death, dis-ease and misery. 

This is the time to really honor our embodiment's, as we continue in these Energy Experiences . We are rapidly evolving and expanding.
Your Soul’s Spirit is Understood to that of what your Mind of Mental may not Understand.   So please be humble and kind, and the Divine Shall Always Support your System to that of what is destined to be. 

Meditation-Activation ~

Please join us , as the Illuminated Energy Fields of the Mother Moon helps us see further into these hidden crevices, that may be holding onto old and dormant energies needing to be jostled and risen from within. The more we are in an acceptance to these changes, the quicker our body will be healed. 

Blessings to thee
And May your Spirit be filled with Purest Light.

What:             Remote Full Moon Meditation – Activation

When:            Saturday, November 4 th , 2017

Time:            You Pick Your time between (7:00 & 9:00 p.m.)

Note:          When your set “ time ” begins, please remain in a quiet and meditative state to simply Release and Receive .   

When you feel that you are done, please give Self-Gratitude, and Seal your Session with the Salutation, And So it Is. 

Where:          In Your Own Personal Space

***Upon Registration, you will Receive an Audible Activation (mp4) in the Assistance of your Transmission for the Full Moon Meditation-Activation. 

Please don’t forget to Email your Preferred Starting time . Thank you.

Mary Martin
Minister ~ Messenger ~ Medium

Spiritual Mastery Teacher-Healer 
Offering Transmissional-Teachings in the Keys of Self-Mastery, the I Am Presence and the Return of the Divine Feminine.
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