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Show Us How You #SampleWholeGrains
This Wednesday, March 31, 2021, join us on social media to celebrate Whole Grain Sampling Day! It will be a day of tasty content, connection, and a contest. 

There's lots of ways to join in the festivities like filming a quick video with your phone as you sample a whole grain. Tell us what whole grain you are trying and what you like about it. Upload to Instagram and tag @wholegrains_council in the caption for a chance to be featured.
Are You Up for our Whole Grain Challenge?
Win a Copy of Whole Grains Around the World
By learning about whole grains and posting about them on your social media accounts, you'll earn entries to win a copy of Whole Grains Around the World, our 28-day menu plan book.
Getting to Know the Mother Grains
Join us for a first look at Mother Grains by Roxana Jullapat. This new cookbook is a beautiful ode to the amazing flavors that whole grain baking can yield and to the growing local grain economies that are increasing access to whole grains and whole grain flours.
Here's What Happened When One Nation Drastically Increased Whole Grains
Understanding that grains can feed more people when the nutritious bran and germ aren’t polished off, the Danish government responded to wartime food shortages by promoting a (mostly) vegetarian diet based around whole grains. What they didn't anticipate was just how much this move would benefit public health.
Delicious Quinoa Recipes

An Oldways Whole Grains Council recipe
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