“In face of the recent events that have occurred in Minneapolis, Minnesota, UPCAG stands with other religious organizations across the nation in praying and demanding that justice prevails.”
—Rev. Lydia Thomas, UPCAG

“His name is George Floyd. The age of video phones enables us to see firsthand what so many people of color experience in our society. May the visuals of what is occurring bring us to genuine repentance. As we approach Pentecost Sunday, we cannot help but believe that the promise of the Father is greater than our historic divisions.”
—Dr. Doug Beacham, IPHC

"Racism in any form is a reproach to any society or institutional structure. C. S. Lewis said in his book The Weight of Glory , 'There are no ordinary people. You have never met a mere mortal.' God bestowed great value, dignity, and honor upon all mankind when He created us in His image and likeness. Racism is, therefore, both an injustice to the individual and an affront to the creator."
—Bishop Tim Coalter, COGOP North America