April 13th, 2022
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Cases of COVID-19 are rising across NH

How Safe Are We Now?

  • Here in NH cases of COVID-19 are rising again, following a steady decline over the past several months.

  • Across the US, over 80 million people have contracted COVID-19 since the pandemic began, resulting in over 985K deaths. Worldwide, half a billion people have been infected, with over 6 million deaths reported.

  • How contagious is BA.2? The short answer is "very". The CDC reports the variant went from 52% of new cases reported in New York City 2 weeks ago to 92% of new cases, today.

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Do I Qualify for a 2nd Booster?

  • People over the age of 50 are now eligible to receive an additional shot to increase their protection, if they previously received an initial booster shot 4 or more months earlier. 

  • Boosters are safe and this news is especially important for those 65 years old and above, along with those individuals 50 years old and above who have underlying medical conditions that increase their risk for severe disease from COVID-19.  
Seasonal Flu is Also Active in our Communities

  • Influenza (flu) and COVID-19 are both contagious respiratory illnesses, but they are caused by different viruses. 

  • From what we know, COVID-19 spreads more easily than flu.

  • Compared to flu, COVID-19 can cause more serious illnesses in some people.

Flu Symptoms Vs. COVID Symptoms

  • You cannot tell the difference between flu and COVID-19 just by looking at the symptoms alone because they have some of the same symptoms. Learn more through the links below.

Feeling sick or have a family member who is?

  • Check out the interactive calculators below for CDC guidance on seeking help and quarantining.
This interactive calculator by the CDC offers guidance.
Call 911 in the event of an emergency.
Find guidance for guidance around isolation & quarantine
with this interactive calculator by the CDC.

Masks are Mandatory

for everyone entering MCH's campus or our
off-site Practices.

No Exceptions

Need Additional Support?
Those without access to the internet, can call 2-1-1. COVID-19 support staff are available 6am-10pm, 7 days a week. Other services available through this line include:

  • Support scheduling an appointment

  • Language Assistance

  • Special Accommodations

  • Help resolving error messages

Your best protection against COVID-19 is to be fully vaccinated, get the vaccine, wear a mask, maintain social distancing, avoid crowds, and wash your hands frequently.

From all of us at MCH, thank you for supporting our efforts to help end the pandemic.

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