August    2018
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Director's  Haiku 
  • A Bittersweet Leadership Transition
  • A Message from the HOPE Collaborative Steering Committee
  • Spotlight: HOPE's Food Justice Summer School 
  • HOPE is Recruiting for our Steering Committee

The only thing we
Know for sure is that change is
A Bittersweet Leadership Transition at HOPE Collaborative
Dear friends,
Pictured Above: Rio Holaday

It's with gratitude and sadness that I share the news that I will be stepping back from HOPE Collaborative on October 5, 2018. It's been such an honor to have been involved with HOPE in many ways over the past 3 years: as a volunteer, a Steering Committee member, and now the Director. I'm grateful for the opportunity to have been part of HOPE's mission to advance racial, economic, and health equity in Oakland, and I've learned so much from all the amazing people who make up our community.

One year ago, my father was diagnosed with terminal cancer. He and my mom live in Vermont - a 12 hour trip that starts in the Bay Area and ends close to the Canadian border on the other side of the country. It's been incredibly hard to be so far away from him, when I don't know how much time he - and we - have left together. So I made a decision. I'm going to take the next year of my life - and his - to get closer. I'm not just talking about geography. I want to get to know my dad better now that we're both adults, and I want him to get to know the person I've become. I want to say the things that seem so hard - I love you, and my world will change without you in it - and ask the questions that feel so scary - are you proud of me? I want to be closer.

I share this news knowing that HOPE is in a strong position in terms of Steering Committee and staff leadership, vision, and talent. The Steering Committee and I have crafted an intentional and thorough transition plan. I will help recruit and hire the next Director, and I'll be available part-time until the end of the year to ensure the transition goes smoothly. Our search officially launches today; you can find the job description here . In the meantime, my colleagues will continue doing their excellent work - which is highlighted in the rest of the newsletter! I'm especially proud of and impressed by the Food Justice Summer School participants, who finished their curriculum last week and have been trained for leadership positions in HOPE's community.

Finally, thank you. Thank you for the kindness, support, and guidance you've given me in my time at HOPE. And thank you for your continued support of HOPE. There is so much more great work to come!


-Rio Holaday, Director, HOPE Collaborative
A Message from the HOPE Collaborative Steering Committee
Pictured Above:  Kimi Watkins-Tartt
On behalf of the HOPE Collaborative Steering Committee, I want to thank Rio for her leadership and contributions to HOPE Collaborative over the last year as Director and previous 2 years as a Steering Committee member and volunteer. We would not be where we are today without her. Rio has worked tirelessly with staff, partners, funders, and community members to ensure we're stable, organized, and effective. One of her many accomplishments includes partnering with the City of Oakland, East Oakland Building Healthy Communities, Oakland Climate Action Coalition and a number of other organizations to secure $170,000 in state funding to support community-led neighborhood planning in East Oakland.

Rio's choice to step back from her leadership role at HOPE reflects the type of life decision that many of us will grapple with at some point. I commend her self-reflection, the value she places on family, and the courage it takes to make this decision. I know how much Rio cares about HOPE, and I appreciate her commitment to a smooth leadership transition over the next few months.

As Rio mentioned, the search for a new Director starts today! The job description is available here, and it includes a description of the ideal candidate. Please forward widely to folks who may be a good fit, or may know someone who's a good fit. Our commitment to you is to find a successor who can continue advancing HOPE's mission as thoughtfully and tirelessly as Rio has done.

-Kimi Watkins-Tartt, Interim Public Health Director, Alameda County Public Health Department

 HOPE's Food Justice Summer School
Food Justice Summer School Participants

Sarahy  is the Youth Engagement Organizer of HOPE Collaborative. She has been a part of HOPE since she was a youth leader and joined our staff last year.  This summer she led community members who were apart of our Food Justice Summer School. Read her interview below! 

What is the Food Justice Summer School?

HOPE's Summer School is a training program for community members to build their  leadership  in the Collaborative, in their communities, and in the broader policy-making arena. This year's Summer School took place from June 16th until August 2nd. Our members participated in workshops every Tuesday. During these workshops, they learned about HOPE's work, built their leadership capacity, and  developed facilitation skills. They learned and taught one another about outreach, community engagement, and organizing. They took the time to speak on their past experiences, and deepened their knowledge of food justice and built environment systems. HOPE provided the space for them to create the necessary conditions for increased economic and civic community ownership.

Food Justice Summer School participants with community members
What are the projects you all worked on?

Every Thursday, our members had workdays. These days were used for our members to plan our end of summer event. This event took place on  July 28, 2018, at one of our partner stores One Stop Liquor. This event was important for us because we wanted to make sure to hold a positive and relaxing space for the larger East Oakland community. 

Why One Stop? 

Our community members wanted to highlight One Stop Liquor for the amazing work they are doing in the community and for being one of the few black-owned corner stores in Oakland. Everything at this event was created and led by our members. Our Food Justice Summer School participants had a great time and hope to work with One Stop Liquor again!

Brejea painitng Lupe's face
Were there any challenges?
We did not anticipate the amount of outreach needed for our event. While we had a great turnout we know that we could have gotten more Oakland residents to participate. In the future, we will make sure to look into other outreach strategies. 

What about successes?
This cohort of Summer School participants built strong and authentic relationships with one another that were not solely based on our program. Our end of summer event was a huge success because our members worked toge
ther and played off each other's strengths. They showed amazing leadership skills and the entire HOPE staff is proud to see that they have utilized the tools they gained this summer. 

Any last words? 

Food Justice Summer School participants during their work day
Our members enj oyed learning about Oakland's current political 
background and the ways it is affecting how HOPE does its work.  Our members want to continue to be involved with the work future projects that are being put on by HOPE and because of this, I feel the  Food Justice Summer School was a success. We hope to involve more community and youth members next summer!

 HOPE is Recruiting for our Steering Committee!
Pictured above: Danny Rivera, Crystal Bach, Brianna Keys and Reyna Reyes 

HOPE Collaborative is now recruiting members for our Steering Committee and we would love your support with recruiting! If you live, work, or go to school in Oakland you are eligible to apply! HOPE Collaborative is a community collaborative working towards policy and systems change to promote the health and well-being of families and youth in the most vulnerable communities of East and West Oakland.
Our Steering Committee is an opportunity for community leaders to:
1.Strengthen their leadership skills
2.Network with the larger Oakland community
3.Guide the work of HOPE Collaborative 
Here you will find the  HOPE Collaborative Steering Committee fact sheet and application. We are accepting applications on a rolling basis. If you have any questions about being a Steering Committee member feel free to email

Feel free to share this opportunity widely! 

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