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Below are highlights from the Rice Report show of Wednesday, 9/4/19.
Topic: 80,000 Missing Votes??? Why is Congress Investigating Georgia about Its Votes?
Why is Congress Investigating Georgia voting?

  • One dramatic piece of evidence can be found in voting machine No. 3 at the Winterville Train Depot outside Athens. On machine No. 3, Republicans won every race. On the other six machines in that precinct, Democrats won every race.
  • This voter irregularity occurred in Republican Brian Kemp’s home precinct.
  • Even though it was the second race on the ballot, and it's the second highest office in the state, the race for Lt. Governor, received 80,000 fewer votes than other state offices such as Labor Commissioner, Insurance Commissioner, state Superintendent, and every other statewide contest lower on the ballot.

Voting Machines

  • On Thursday, August 29, 2019, a federal judge issued a 153-page ruling ordering Georgia officials to stop using its outdated paperless, electronic voting machines and switch to machines that will use paper ballots by 2020.