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Sexual Misconduct...
The daily headlines have centered around sexual misconduct charges especially in the areas of Government, Business, Entertainment and Media. Once SPORTS and RELIGION are added to the mix it will be a media bonanza forever!

WHAT does ALL mean?
... EVERYONE that has ever lived is GUILTY , except Jesus!!!

If we LIVE by the philosophy of
"eat, drink and be merry, for tomorrow we die"

...or DO OUR OWN THING at all costs...


...and let those philosophies drive us...

Better yet let's behold the beauty and wonderment of God's personal love for us described perfectly in JOHN 3:16

Don't just quote it- make it personal put " your name " in it...

"For God so loved Ted that He gave His only Son that if Ted believes in Him he'll not perish but have life forever"

through faith in Christ we are...
"When you were the slaves of sin, you were free from righteousness. What did you gain from doing the things that you are now ashamed of? The result of those things is death ! But now you have been set free from sin and are the slaves of God. Your gain is a life fully dedicated to him , and the result is eternal life . For sin pays its wage—death; but God's free gift is eternal life in union with Christ Jesus our Lord"

Romans 6:19-‬23 GNT

With all the sexual accusations and with more bad news to come...
it's time for some good news ...featuring

8 Women have testified in different ways regarding WB...it is a joy to report what they have said or have done... because it's an acknowledgment of something good that is taking place in the ministry..
and bottom line...
women are greatly appreciated and acknowledged by WB in this salute
HERE'S WHAT THESE WOMEN INDEPENDENTLY OF ONE ANOTHER have said or done to encourage Tudi and me:

  •  JOY in Southern CA....gave her car to the WB ministry for Tudi to drive...an unexpected Godsend, because Tudi's faithful car for 13 years was in need of major repairs. Their gift was totally unexpected...we were blown away! We have been dear friends with this family for many years and Tudi and Joy became close friends during Steve's and my time on the CBMC USA Board of Directors. JOY a faithful friend for nearly 40 years

  • KAREN in Scottsdale, AZ ...she is a great encourager and comments often on the weekly newsletters (a sample of her positive responses). "Where does the time go. I read with great interest, Ted, your weekly email newsletter, your walk with Tudi and your spiritual walk along the way. It is God who directs our paths and I sure admire you also as you hold on tight to what is right, true and honorable. Holding firm in Him in every way is not a task, it is a privilege. Very greatly spoken and thank you for sharing your personal life with us all. I sent it to Sam too. I told him that you are praying for him and he surely needs a prayerful boost right about now. He always admired you." Karen has been a faithful friend for approximately 40 years.

  • JOYCE in Denver, CO...has a great heart for comforting hurting people and is an exceptionally generous person(and couple)... her husband Jerry is Chair of the WB Bd. She wrote me a memo when I was going into the hospital for some outpatient surgery. She said "the staff of the hospital will not know what hit them (witness wise) during your brief stay, we are praying for you and Tudi". As a result of her encouragement and prayers during our hospital stay the witness that took place was absolutely amazing!

   Recap of My " Wonderful " One Day Hospital Stay:

7:30 am...Two different groups of Drs, nurses and techs and a number of individuals heard my 30 second testimony and prayer...broken home 4×, atheist, read the Bible for 2+ weeks...knew I was a sinner, confessed Jesus as my Savior....

A number wanted a wrist band...and A FUNNY THING HAPPENED ...
Debbie (about 45 and married) my nurse throughout my stay privately said to me "YOU ARE SURE NOT SHY!" ...I said, "Why do you say that? "; she said "YOU ASKED ME SO MANY QUESTIONS...IT WAS LIKE IT WAS OUR FIRST DATE!!!"
I cracked up to the point I was fearful I would damage myself through the fresh incision during surgery.

In one day 25-30 people in the hospital heard the Gospel of Jesus Christ...and have the wristband as a reminder of Gods love for each of them.
I credit Joyce's bold prayer...honestly left up to me my goal would been 2 or 3...not 25-30...AMAZING...Joyce and Jerry are faithful monthly donors to the WB ministry and definitely have the gift of giving.

  • MARTHA in Flint, MI... a very committed believer who is engaged in full time ministry. Her depth of commitment always inspires me...A sample note after she read the weekly email newsletter regarding Atheists.

"Thanks so much for this, Ted and Tudi. We see some of what you experienced, Ted, and what you wrote about in some of the skeptical students we're working with, especially some from China. "The Bible has some very helpful guidelines; after all, it's been around for 2000 years." "Jesus is a historical figure." But God is at work in some hearts: One student who comes to the Bible 101 class texted me: "Studying the Bible is one of the happiest things to me every week..."May God continue to bless you as you share Him with others! -Martha"

She is a high school friend of Tudi's that I have never met in person. She blesses me with her regular comments of the weekly emails...I am blessed by her heart and full time work for the Lord.

  • BECKY in Jasper, GA ...I call Becky BARNABAS (son of encouragement) because almost weekly (she is a County Commissioner) she drops a short note of encouragement after reading my weekly email blast. I asked her if she minded the name Barnabas. She said "NO- I like it" She should like the nickname...it's her! Also Tudi is blessed by Becky passing on to her clothes for golf. She is faithful monthly donor to the WB ministry. David and Becky are friends and we are blessed to see them often.

  • LEAH in Dallas, TX...we met in church in Dallas, TX about 25 years ago because we sat next to Leah and EJ. At their invitation we went to their adult Sunday School class, got to to know their sons intimately, vacationed with them, and Leah and Tudi talk by phone often "about everything under the sun". Leah has done the following: put me in contact with a family Foundation that has financially supported WB, hosted groups to hear about WB and often comments on the newsletter. She and EJ on the WB Ex Com have been faithful monthly donors to the WB ministry 

  • JANE in Macon, GA...she and Her husband Cecil (now deceased) made it possible for WB, Tudi and me to get into a home with special financing in Big Canoe. I often think of Joel 2:25 "God will restore to you what the locusts have eaten" when I think of the creativity and generosity of Cecil and Jane. We see Jane often and she is a very special friend to us and the WB ministry. She is a very mature believer...I am always blessed by her comments re the weekly emails..she also often donates to the WB ministry


  • SHIRL in Naples ,FL...when we visit Irwin and Shirl, Tudi and Shirl get together and immediately plan their time together to get exercise, make jewelry, see a good movie, eat healthy, golf and see Shirl's friends in Bible Study, etc. Plus, Shirl gives Tudi clothes for golf! ...Irwin and Shirl have been long time monthly donors to the WB ministry and Irwin helped WB get started. Shirl and Tudi remind me of our granddaughters Emma Grace and Mary Brennan (they are cousins)...when they get together they are off and running without missing a beat from their last encounter. As Irwin says of our relationship with them, he says
  • I am" boychik" (a Jewish term "special man")...they are special!!

in unique support of WB


WB is so blessed to have women like this support the ministry...thank you Lord

***frankly I've never done an exclusive recognition of women before..with all that's going on in America it makes perfect sense...I hope you agree!

Ted Sprague

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