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70m Superyacht gets "all decked out"
Look at this insider's view of 70m superyacht and the work of our expert installers. We started about 90 days ago on a major teak deck replacement which includes the owner's deck, fore and aft sun decks, bridge deck, sky deck, flying bridge, swim platform, and passarelle. We will also install TDS Composite Decking in the tender garage (a great decking choice for this area of a yacht).

While the job is still in process, here are some before and after photos to see the precision and detail necessary to build a superyacht-quality deck.
Teak is replaced and recaulked.
Beautiful finished jacuzzi! Time to find a bathing suit!
All the teak is replaced on this large sky deck.
Finished deck ready for furniture, guests, and champagne!
Teakdecking installation crew at work -- and saying hello -- on the aft sun deck (before social distancing).
"Sunburst" details on the stunning sun deck!
A couple more "WOW" shots as the job is nearing completion
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Effective Cleaners for Teak & Composite Decks
High-quality products formulated specifically for the repair and maintenance of your Teak and TDS Composite Decks
ECO-100 Teak Cleaner Powder
  • Concentrated cleaner diluted with water
  • No harsh acids, caustic sodas and phosphates
  • Protects soft fibers of teak
  • Mixes easily with water
  • 100% Environmentally-friendly

ECO-300 Teak Cleaner Liquid
  • Cleans & brightens
  • Pre-mixed and ready-to-use
  • No harsh acids, caustic sodas or phosphates
  • Safe for teak, caulking, hardware & paint
  • 100% Environmentally-friendly

ECO Cleaners are Certified
The Adventurous Auggie Agustsson
H ailing from the frigid reaches of Reykjavik, Iceland, our very own Auggie Agustsson dove into a life of exploration at the age of 19. Joining a Mountain & Glacier Rescue Crew, Auggie learned quickly the importance of teamwork . Patrolling mountain trails in the spring and summer, it was in winter when Auggie found himself chained to a glacier for two weeks with his comrades in a training program for glacier rescue. Braced against the winter wind on the freezing glacial face, his luck fell short when a calculation error in rope by one of his instructors left him in sudden free fall, plummeting sixty feet into the glacial crevasse below. Rescued by his companions, Auggie persisted unscathed and fearless to climb frosty faces and icy waterfalls for the rest of the trip. This was the beginning of Auggie’s pursuit to become a lifelong adventurer. Ultimately, and to the benefit of Teakdecking Systems, he joined our team

At 21, he made a brief visit to Oslo, Norway, where he learned about Teakdecking Systems (TDS) from friends made who had worked for the company. At the tender age of 22, he moved to Florida in August 1996 and began his long career at TDS. Since then, Auggie has honed his carpentry skills from all angles, learning every aspect of the production process from shipping and receiving, to jig work. Having long proved himself invaluable to TDS, Auggie was promoted to Production Supervisor in 2007 and has contributed significantly to the employee-owned business.

Today, Auggie manages specialty teak decking manufacturing for production boats such as Chris Craft, Hatteras, and Scout (among others). He ensures that one-of-kind creations such as grates and cap rails meet the high-quality expectations from manufacturers such as Westport and Delta.

Off the clock, Auggie can be found in his garage workshop, hewing away at his own works, and ever exploring the process of creation that drives him. He enjoys crafting and remodeling furniture at his leisure and notes that it is never for monetary gain, finding total fulfillment just seeing his creations come to life.

Asked to comment on some of his favorite aspects of working at TDS, Auggie noted the wealth of creativity among his coworkers, as well as an abundance of opportunities to learn and improve his true passion , creating something of beauty. He says it’s done with “ sweat and determination .”

From humble beginnings at a trade school in Iceland to glaciers to exotic ports, Auggie left his marks on the world. He earned his place in the TDS family because of the traits that define him: explorer, team player, fearless, creative, adventurer, carpenter, commitment, learner, passionate and determined.

Teakdecking Systems greatly thanks Auggie for his many years and contributions to the success of Teakdecking Systems!
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