SUMMER! It is my favorite season and my favorite reason to invite a refresh into my life. When you renew one aspect of your life you organically reboot all aspects of your life. Which is a great reminder at any time of year to change one thing and let in a fresh whiff of air and a bright ray of light. Here are 7 things you can do right now to renew, refresh, and transition forward.


Let go. Clarify what is weighing you down and let go of it. Search your soul for the project, relationship, or daily task that stresses you the most and either say goodbye, delegate it out, or downplay it. Your inner voice is your voice. Listen. Then, no matter how difficult, choose a change that aligns with your values and meets you where you are. I recently let go of a project that simply was not working out and freeing myself of what was not blooming permitted me to refocus on the beauty of what was. The wind in my hair (as illustrated in this blog post photo) was something I could now respond to with glee and wonder because it felt right and enabling. Awareness is everything.



Be unconventional. It is easy to identify the traditional route to accomplish something. What if there were more than one way to create success? Look at your goals for 2022. You are at the half-way mark in June. Then identify the traditional path and associated tasks to get you closer to them. For every conventional choice, pick a new unconventional and unexpected one. Then give yourself space and grace this summer to try another way.




Elevate curiosity. What have you always wanted to know more about? Use the month of June to challenge yourself to try new things, to learn a new skill, to research your side hustle ideas. When you are curious you downplay fear because you expand your energy, thought leadership, and your ability to grow. Curiosity keeps you centered on today so that every shift, every change, every idea comes alive with possibility.



Leverage low hanging fruit. The fruit at the bottom of the tree is every bit as sweet as the fruit at the top of the tree. When you reach only for the fruit at the top, expectations and perfection often get in the way of the juicy and delicious fruit itself. What wonderful next idea is available to you right now that perhaps you are missing?

I find that this is an important mental shift to make. Periodically reminding myself to look at what is in front of me rather than constantly climbing up a ladder for something “perceived as better” reaps great in-the-moment benefits repositioning my next action steps and rebooting gratitude at the same time. Think of low hanging fruit as an opportunity to engage with and authentically enjoy what is enticing and possible each day.




Love. Refreshing self-love repositions all love. Imagine that this is your season to love, starting with loving what you are doing, experiencing, and conjuring up in your daily life. Every great life refresh and transition includes a large dose of love in it. When I started my 3rd chapter journey over a decade ago, I had no idea that I was going to be a coach, only a founder and entrepreneur. My “self-discovery” kicked off with a year or two of self-love. I was taking really good care of myself from the inside out and understanding that this next chapter was all about me and my connection to and celebration of my own legacy.

What does that look like for you?



Lead. It may sound counter intuitive but even the best beach vacation needs to be planned and executed. How you lead anything is how you lead everything. So, managing what’s next and the refresh that gets you there is not a lone thought, but rather an intention with action steps that fuel it. Maybe you will be leading more sleep, or a different home base. Perhaps you will be leading a bigger team so that you can delegate. Maybe you will lead yourself to a 3- or 4-day work week for the summer, or take a whole month off. What you enable enables you.



Create space. Summer is a yummy time for that! Brene Brown is making this trendy in taking a break from the pace of her life and work commitments to regroup and to focus anew. She calls this break "space" and I really like that. Amid a crazy 2022, space is the ultimate gift that one can give to self. It is different from letting go, because it is a pause in the noise of your life rather than an elimination. A mindfulness to quiet things by CHOICE for a period, so that when you resume them, you do so with fresh ideas and reclaimed energy. Space is my gift to myself and what I wish most for all of you.

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