Parents! Bring a lunch or purchase a hot lunch through Boonli. You can either add yourself to Boonli or purchase a double entree in your student's name.

Order Lunch through Boonli


12:10 pm: Parent Check-In, enter @southeast GYM door

12:15 pm-12:40 pm: Lunch with Students

12:40 pm: Clean Up/Transition

12:45-1:05 pm: Program


Class Highlights

Virtue Recognition

1:15 pm: Closing and Dismissal, parents exit southeast GYM doors.

Class Highlights this Quarter

Science: 4 Causes Presentation, Student Leaders

 Lit/Comp: Poetry Recitation

 Latin I: Reading Demonstration

Math: Bean Game, Students vs Parents

 Art: Student Work on Display, Student Presentation

Virtue Recognition

Parent Invite: Reel from Headmaster Reichert
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