COS Lenten Midweek Worship
March 16, 2022
Dear COS Faith Friend,

Welcome to Wednesday!  Today, in our "A 5G Connected Faith" Lenten series, we feature a second God-given G, GIFTS.  In that spirit, please find the following resources:  

  1. The video at the end of this email provides a brief devotional service of song, scripture and prayer led by Olivia Milburn and family. The first button below is a link to the Worship Guide to use to follow along. Thanks to David Turk for sharing his thoughts on the value of our second G, Gifts.   
  2. The middle button provides link to a discussion guide for use with your 5G Discussion Group or for your personal reflection.  
  3. Finally, use the third button to figure out YOUR unique spiritual gifts.  This brief spiritual gift assessment tool has been used by thousands of ELCA Lutherans to help them celebrate and discern who God has equipped them to be in life and in ministry.  For a million bonus points, email our Director of Connecting Ministries, Barbara Anderson, to tell her your top three gifts and discuss what this might mean for you!

Activating God's 5G Connected Faith with You, 
Pastor Fritz