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Congratulations to the 50 companies that made the CNBC Disruptors

list in 2023. It's a tough time for VC-backed, private startups given a slowing global economy, impact of SVB collapse and a stalled IPO market. Yet many are breaking through with innovations geared for today and tomorrow.

Despite lower valuations for startups this year, the list still has at least 35 unicorns, worth $1 billion or more – 12 are valued at over $10 billion.

Here are 15 ccompany profiles I contributed to the CNBC D50 report in tech sectors ranging from AI to fintech to cybersecurity to agtech to sustainability to spacetech to biotech to energy.

BeeHero, Delray, CA

Octopus Energy, London

Wiz, New York City

Rippling, San Francisco

Pivot Bio, Berkeley

Orca Security, Portland, Ore.

Mass Reforestation, Seattle

Dedrone, Sterling, VA

Bowery, Newe York City

BlocPower, Brooklyn

Relativity Space, Long Beach, CA

Tala, Santa Monica, CA

Brex, Remote-first

Canva, Sydney

Anduril, Costa Mesa, CA

See the full CNBC report here.

Regional innovation hubs in Middle America are getting a boost from the US Department of Commerce as it doles out its first grants of $500 million this year to 5 to 10 tech hubs.

Congress has authorized $10 billion over the next five years to build up these hubs and balance out opportunities for startups nationwide. It's a start toward investing in America.

With 80% of venture funding going to three coastal markets (San Francisco Bay Area, New York City and Boston), this governmental funding is needed to jumpstart the Silicon Heartland region.

There’s so much more potential for tech innovation all across the country. In the U.S. we have the best research institutions in the world. That’s indisputable. And frankly, many of them are in America’s heartland, far from the coast,” said Commerce Secretary Gina Raimondo.

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Katherine Boyle and David Ulevitch

As the pace of technology accelerates, Washington and Silicon Valley must build together to maintain America’s leading global position. Fortunately, the two ecosystems’ goals are more aligned than headlines often make it seem. 

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