Every Mind Matters Newsletter October Edition
October 2020

Amanda Lang, BNN Bloomberg Anchor, will host the event. She will interview our panel of experts on what we can do to support our children during this very challenging time. Panelist: Dr. Carl James, Senior Advisor on Equity and Representation York University; Matthew Johnson, Director of Education MediaSmarts; Dr. Carolyn Lennox, President, Ontario Association for Chief Psychologists with Ontario School Boards, currenlty Manager of Psych Services, TDSB. 
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We are pleased to announce three new sponsors to our growing network of supporters: 2020 Bell Let’s Talk Community Fundemla (Aspen Canada) and The Retired Teachers of Ontario. We are grateful for their contributions and for their commitment to nurturing resilience in children and youth
We are one of the organizations selected for the 2020 Bell Let’s Talk Community Fund to offer our Kids Have Stress Too! and Stress Lessons programs to staff, mentors and families from Big Brothers Big Sisters of Calgary. Click here for press release. We also received funding from emla (Aspen Canada) to provide our evidence-based Make the Connection eLearning course to 90 child-caring professionals across Canada. In addition, courtesy of The Retired Teachers of Ontario, 115 schools/teachers within North York, Ontario will receive our Kids Have Stress Too! program guides. Thank you again to our new supporters and welcome to the family!
Getting to know Dr. Kofi-Len Belfon, child psychologist
and member of our Board of Trustees
We are fortunate to have Dr. Kofi-Len Belfon as a member of our Board of Trustees. Dr. Belfon has more than 10 years of progressive experience working in children’s mental health. He is the Associate Clinical Director at the Child Development Institute in Toronto. He is also the director at Belfon Psychological Services, which is his private practice in the Durham Region where he provides both assessment and therapeutic services. Dr. Belfon's orientation is primarily behavioral, using cognitive and dialectical behavioral therapy with young people, who have a variety of presenting concerns.
In our interview with Dr. Belfon he wanted to share this very important message to families: "I would say to young people of course you are upset by what is happening around the world. That is a normal reaction, to a very abnormal situation. And then I would tell parents don’t over-pathologize your kids right now. They have suffered much loss (death, graduations, school, sports, social outings), they have COVID anxiety, and are facing and addressing racial injustice. These are adjustments we are all struggling with". READ MORE
Oh no! Not Again!
A Working Parent’s Guide to Sibling Conflict
Sibling conflict has got to be one of the trickiest issues in parenting. For one thing, most of us find conflict of any kind threatening. And it’s even more threatening when two of our kids are going at it, because we want so much for them to love each other. READ MORE
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