Here are five resources to address issues my clients are facing.

Revisiting 1-on-1s (again)

Making the most out of one-on-one meetings is a recurring topic with my clients. Too often these meetings fall short of their potential. In 28 Questions to Ask Your Boss In Your One-on-Ones, you'll learn how to make these meetings more valuable.


Getting Unstuck with Your Career Pivot

I'm working with two clients who are thinking about making a career transition but get in their own way of taking steps toward their goal. Art Petty offers some practical ways to reframe your thinking and get moving toward change. My favorite take-away was the "hop, skip and jump" approach.


Avoiding Mistakes

Five Mistakes New Managers Make offers sound advice on how managers can set themselves up for success in a new role.

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Accumulating Small Wins

When one of my favorite podcasters interviews the author of one of my favorite books, there's a lot to glean. Building atomic habits with James Clear on WorkLife with Adam Grant.


Leadership Development Without A Budget

Your team is hungry for leadership development, but your company doesn’t have the budget to offer training programs. This was the exact dilemma a client of mine was facing. Together we brainstormed six ideas for low-cost professional development.


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