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Have you always dreamed of seeing the northern lights? For many, seeing them in real life seems like only a dream. There is something almost otherworldly about this natural phenomenon.
Despite what you may have heard, you don’t have to travel to the Arctic Circle to see the northern lights. There are many places, even within the United States, where you can experience this magical wonder. Here are a few tips to think about when planning your trip to see the northern lights.
Go North
Light pollution from the city makes it near impossible to see the aurora, so it’s best to get away from the lights. Find a spot with a good view to the north without hills or trees blocking your line of sight.

Check the Aurora Forecast
It is difficult to predict when the northern lights will be visible, but there are several apps and websites with aurora forecasts. Take a look at these before heading out.
Also Check the Weather Forecast
The best viewing is during clear nights with little moonlight, so check the weather forecast and avoid nights with a cloudy sky or full moon. Anything less than a quarter moon is best for seeing the northern lights.

Be Prepared to Stay Up Late
The best time to see the northern lights is often between 9 pm and 4 am, so don’t forget to pack your coffee or tea!
Bundle Up
It’s chilly out there on long, dark winter nights so be prepared. Don’t forget your warm jacket, hat and good pair of mittens. We also recommend bringing blankets to stay cozy.

Part of what makes the northern lights so special is that they are hard to predict and sometimes hard to identify. Even if you don’t catch a glimpse of the aurora, you will definitely be guaranteed a beautiful night sky and magical moments that will live in your memories forever!
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