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May 2023    Volume XVIII, Issue 5
What sets Builder Partnerships and Shinn Consulting apart from our competition? Just ask our members and clients. We hear it from them all the time. They know we truly CARE about them, and they know we are truly committed to helping them succeed. It goes much deeper than the typical B2B relationship. It's deeply-rooted in our genuine desire to help our members and clients achieve excellence in performance and high profitability through discipline and focusing on the fundamentals.

“Thanks for investing your time and passion into educating and improving builders and the building Industry! You are genuine, humble, caring, and unique in your approach! Thanks for all the work you put in, behind the scenes, on our behalf! We as builders take for granted how fortunate we are to work with you! Thank you for helping our team reach heights we never envisioned possible! There are none better than you!” ‒Troy Kartchner, Kartchner Homes

"If you're the smartest person in the room, you're in the wrong room!" Mastermind Philosophy

I formed MMG or Managers Mastermind Group in 2018, realizing that I am blessed to be surrounded by so many talented Sales Leaders, who are succeeding in the selling trenches every day; and have so much wisdom to share with each other. We hosted our lively and hugely beneficial quarterly Mastermind Group Meeting last week, and below are three top tips from this exclusive group.

Tip 1 - Q: Incentives. With Inventory low in most states, do we need Incentives to sell, and what is working for you?
The consensus from our Management Masterminds was as follows...drum roll please; we don't need incentives to sell new homes successfully.

Custom-Designed, Precision Crafted

Offering the ultimate level of style and customization, the Heirloom Collection™ allows the creation of truly personalized closets, mudrooms and pantries tailored to the homeowner’s needs.

With a broad range of finishes and accessories, any closet or storage area becomes a natural extension of the room itself.

Our builder members are continually ranked among the top home building companies in the country. This year, an impressive 71% of the builders featured on the Builder 100 / Next 100 list are members of Builder Partnerships.

We congratulate our builder members on this well-deserved recognition!

Contact us at or 303-972-7666 for more information.
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October 5-7, 2023, NEW ORLEANS. Register

October 9-11, 2023, NEW ORLEANS. Register

On-demand training, ONLINE. Register

On-demand training. ONLINE. Register

Miss the live event on April 19? Watch the replay
Miss the live event on April 5? Watch the replay

October 10, 2023, NEW ORLEANS. Register

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