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These are powerful times of great change, so I'm offering a brand-new course on Whole Life Timings you can read about below, and am excited to delve into this powerful teaching to help someone grasp the soul timings of their whole life.

In two weeks we launch our sixth Chart Study course, a 3-year program to learn to read birth charts the magical and soulful way I do. These circles have formed lifelong bonds, and produced much laughter and tears as I captain a new group of students through the multidimensional catacombs of love, sex, life, death, reincarnation and astrology. The class is open to all. Let us know if you're interested in joining us.

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5 Retrogrades and the Leap of the Tiger

By Soul Level Astrologer Mark Borax
Putney Mountain,Vermont
September is the only entire month I can recall with Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto all retrograde at the same time.

Retrograde planets increase the gravitational pull of the heaviness of life, forcing us down, and making us want to push back.
Jupiter and Saturn provide life's meaning. Uranus, Neptune and Pluto direct the most powerful cosmic forces. These five planets getting weighed down now in the midst of the Year of the Tiger is like a crouching tiger getting ready to leap.
Art by Lobsang Melendez Ahuanari
It would be easy to overreact and use tiger power to snap at things that just irritate you but aren't worth leaping at. If you save your leaps for whatever may be blocking the bright future your soul came here to create, September's retrogrades will aim your tigerishness in the right direction. Regardless of what year you were born, this year the tiger in you is getting ready for one of its greatest leaps.

Art by Michael Divine
Now that mainstream media has become corporatized into one huge ad for Big Pharma and a scandal sheet feeding on celebrity news porn, the early stages of revolution are at hand, demanding a news of the soul that breaks down the barriers between you and yourself.

With the Jack of the Soul crammed down into its retrograde box this month, there's added impetus for you springing into the love and glory you're made of.

Who Are You Really? Why are you here?
How Much Longer Are You Willing to Wait?
Whole Life Timings
Part 1 & 2

Begins Sept 21

The oracular feature that makes astrology readings different from psychic readings, tarot and rune readings is timing cycles. Soul Level Astrology utilizes the traditional astrology timings of progressions and transits, and adds in Dharmic Currents, which are seasons of the soul, that depict the path of least resistance through the years.

The shape of a single human life takes on vivid depth of meaning when looked at through the lens of whole life timings, which combine the major trends and intersecting themes of Dharmic Currents, progressions and transits, to paint a complex portrait of your entire development (framed from birth through age 100). 

Mark will create a visual graph of your whole life timings, which will be shared in class and interpreted for you to learn which signs are amplified through certain decades, and which planetary aspects guide the flow of your seasons of the soul. The autumn semester will introduce you to the big picture that the spring semester will go deeper into.

You can Learn More about the advanced class at
SLA 3-Year Certification:
Begins Sept 21

Doors open to the deeper teachings of our online mystery school as we launch a new three year chart-study certification course on Sept 21st. This weekly, two-hour certification program is for folks who are passionate about delving into their own nature and the art of Soul Level Astrology.

Soul Level Astrology is inspired by the 20th Century humanist astrology movement of Dane Rudyhar and Marc Edmund Jones, who freed astrology from fate-like medieval thinking. It draws upon the comprehensive body of work by Ellias Lonsdale and Mark's 30-year experience practicing and modifying the tools he will teach you.

Whether you come to Soul Level Astrology with a background in traditional astrology techniques, or you're a total beginner, the 3-year certification course has the potential to transform your understanding of yourself, and your ability to understand others on a profound level.

We believe the remedy for these challenging times is found in each of us answering the call of our soul, and heartily invite you to come on this Soul Level journey with us. 

You can Learn More about the certification program at
Mark Borax
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