Winter 2021
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In this edition you will learn:
  • 5 ideas for creating kid friendly spaces in your home
  • 6 ways to spot water drainage issues
  • how we execute a remodel
  • 3 ways to request quote/service
  • a recent customer testimonial and more.
Get ideas for how to add space for your children who are studying at home.
Over the past year, homes have become more than just homes. They've become workplaces, meeting rooms, classrooms, study halls, gyms, and places where families live and work. We've already reviewed some of our recommendations for converting space in your home to a home office, and in this post, we review five ideas for creating new kid-friendly spaces in your home.
It's a fact that homes in the Pacific Northwest need better drainage than homes in drier parts of the country because rainfall levels are higher here, and rain can fall in high volumes in short periods. We have experienced this in Western Washington this January. 

Initial Discussion: The process begins with our Remodel Coordinator discussing what you want out of your remodel. We consider your wants, needs, and dreams for your home. These discussions help determine if we are the right fit for each other on this particular project.

We offer three options for requesting a quote for handyman support:

Option one is the simplest, fastest and most common method for getting a technician out to your home.

Adrienne H. states:

The whole experience with Shirey is so professional, from beginning to end. I like the thoroughness of their intake questions so that they job can be assessed for time and scheduling, most effectively. The members of the team are consistently very skilled, knowledgeable and pleasant to have in one's space. I've used this company now for the last 18 months after moving into a Victorian home in Seattle that has needed various things - some urgent some able to be planned. I highly recommend Shirey Home Pros.

Adrienne H., Seattle, December 27, 2020

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