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We’re not out of the woods yet, and that’s okay, because the woods, nature, and the great outdoors may be precisely what the doctor ordered. So if you’re looking for some incredible outdoor vacation ideas that don’t require you to go too far from home, here are five places where you can keep socially distanced but also scratch your itch for adventure. 
Snohomish County, Washington
If you’re an outdoor enthusiast who likes to combine a city break with outdoor adventure, then pristine natural attractions like the Stillaguamish-Sauk River Valleys, the stunning Gothic Basin, and Granite Falls are just a short drive away. Snohomish County needs to be your next socially distanced vacation destination with more than 2,000 square miles to hike, kayak, sail, and stroll. 
Page, Arizona
This town may be tiny, but it packs a powerful punch for surreal scenery and endless adventure. Once a temporary camp built for the workers constructing the Glen Canyon Dam, Page is a jumping-off point for iconic sites like Antelope Canyon, Horseshoe Bend, and Lake Powell. This region is also home to the indigenous Navajo Nation, where travelers are invited to learn about the history, culture, and relationship the proud Navajo people have with the surrounding nature. 
Maine, USA
Affectionately dubbed ‘vacationland,’ Maine is a haven for those seeking a blend of outdoor adventure, heritage, and sumptuous seafood cuisine. From the beautiful and untamed shoreline to the misty mountains of the Appalachians, adventure-seekers can enjoy over 52,000 miles of national parks, lakes, historic waterways, and over 3,000 small islands. 
Kauai, Hawaii
For travelers wanting to strike a balance between barefoot strolls along powder-soft shorelines and hair-raising helicopter rides over lush carpeted valleys, Kauai offers all of that and more. While much of Hawaii draws large, boisterous crowds, Kauai is quieter, less trodden, and largely untouched, with much of the island only accessible by air or sea. Natural attractions you won’t want to miss include Wailua River, Waimea Canyon, and Poipu Beach.  
Inian Islands, Alaska
The hardest part of planning an action-packed vacation to Alaska is choosing where to start. Alaska is so massive that you can fit Texas, California, and Montana within its state borders. And while every square inch of Alaska is beautiful, the Inian Islands are one of the most biologically diverse places on the planet. Nestled up against the world’s tallest coastal mountains, you’ll find everything from Humpback whales, orcas, sea lions, Grizzlies and soaring bald eagles. A ferociously protected biosphere full of wide-open spaces and endless wilderness, the Inian Islands are a bucket list destination. 
Who says you need to travel to far-reaching destinations in order to have that amazing getaway? Look no further than your own backyard or even the next state over to experience a dreamy, socially distanced vacation in the great outdoors. Contact us to plan your next adventure! Give us a call at 425-827-5656 or simply reply to this email.
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