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Monday, May 27, 2024

Special Parish Meeting

A special meeting for the full congregation will be held on Sunday June 2 at 9;15am to elect 4 new members to the Council as well as give an update.

For complete information see the May Vestry Voice.

Garden Love: Saint Mark's Pollinator Garden

from Dana Dickson

O you who dwell in the gardens, my companions are listening for your voice, let me hear it. (Song of Songs 8:13).

As I write this on May 20 the garden is responding to the rain and warmth of late spring. The blue star has blossoms, as does the iris. The wild large beard tongue has buds near to bursting. The salvia blue spikes are splendid.

We will be leading a parish-wide planting event on June 9 after the 10:30 service. You will have an opportunity to bring in a favorite annual plant and plant it in the Pollinator Garden. Based on past successes we are recommending marigold, nicotiana, verbena, salvia, snapdragon, dianthus, wax begonia, geranium, cosmos, or zinnia. These recommendations are influenced by the micro-climate at Saint Mark's and the mice, squirrels, rabbits, and deer that dwell in the garden.

Master Gardeners will be on hand to help with planting of seeds in peat pots for you to take home, nurture, and plant in a home garden or container garden. Or if you prefer, you can bring the plant back to Saint Mark's.

Please bring a plant to Pollinator Garden and make the garden yours!

Upcoming garden activities:

Thursday, June 6, 11:30am-1:30pm

At the SAAGES summer picnic, Julie, our lead Master Gardener, will present a tour of the Pollinator Garden and answer questions. We will have a handout listing the plants in the garden.

Sunday, June 9 after 10:30 service (approximately Noon)

Bring an annual plant to add to the garden (see above for suggested types that have worked well in the past). Plant a seed in peat pot and take for your home garden.

Tuesday, June 11, 10am-Noon

Weeding, garden maintenance.

Sunday, June 30, 3–6pm

Join with Master Gardeners to talk about the Pollinator Garden and offer Pride attendees garden plant information.

Call to Serve - Summer Reading and Discussion

Enjoy reading and discussing these important books! More details to come.

June: Transforming. The Bible & the Lives of Transgendered Christians by Austen Hartke. Discussion led by Conrad Larson, June 20, 6pm

July: Just Mercy by Bryan Stevenson. Discussion led by Linda Brandt in-person and on Zoom. July 30, time TBD

AugustSoul Boom by Rainn Wilson. Discussion led by Rachel Babbitt. Date/time TBD

Safeguarding God's Children and Adults

Safeguarding God's Children and Adults is a commitment that all of us share. The Episcopal Church requires ministry leaders and key holders to attend training sessions. Due to the importance of the subject matter, it is strongly recommended to attend an in-person training session for your first time, followed by ongoing learning in the online environment. We understand that this may not always be possible.


To ensure that as many of us as possible are trained, we have two online coordinators available to assist members in the online environment, as well as two certified trainers of Safe Church. Therefore, Reverend Rex McGee will be conducting in-person Safe Church training at Saint Mark's on the following dates and times, in the Community Room:


- June 22

- August 24

- October 26

- January 18

- March 1


Sessions will run from 9:00 am to 3:00 pm.


Your attendance and active participation in these sessions are crucial for the safety and well-being of our community. Please mark your calendars accordingly, and if you have any questions or concerns, feel free to reach out to Rev. Tim Kingsley.


Thank you for your dedication to ensuring a safe environment for all members of our community.

June Registration Here

Doors Open Minneapolis

Once again this year, Doors Open was a success, thanks to the time and efforts of about 25 members acting as welcoming docents and tour guides.   

There were around 330 visitors through our doors May 18-19 because they were interested in architecture. And more than just admiring the beauty of the building, the majority of the visitors wanted to interact with our tour guides and learn about the history of the congregation as well as the architecture.   Here is a story about one of the interactions:

“Many mentioned the beauty of having "live" organ music. As the young woman played on Sunday, a mother and young son stopped to watch and listen. He was obviously interested in the instrument and she stopped playing and talked with him about it for some time. I suspect it was a highlight of his day.”


Fellowship on Summer Sundays

Every Sunday, enjoy fellowship, coffee, and treats between 9 am and 12:30 pm in the Community Room or, weather permitting, outside in the courtyard.

Rojas Spanish Language

Learn Spanish, the natural way, with Rojas Spanish! Dive into authentic Spanish with native Spanish tutors, tailored lessons, and a unique approach that goes beyond memorization to truly internalizing the language. Whether it's in-person group classes, virtual learning or personalized 1:1 tutoring, start seeing the world from a Spanish speaker's perspective!

Rojas Spanish is currently offering classes at Saint Marks. To see the full class schedule, visit www.RojasSpanish.com or call Luis Rojas directly 651-434-0555. 

Worship & Prayer

Worship & Prayer Schedule


5:30 p.m. Santa Misa en Español (Worship Service in Spanish)


8 a.m. Holy Eucharist Rite I (Traditional Language)

10:30 a.m. Holy Eucharist Rite II (Contemporary Language) – In Person & Online

5 p.m. Choral Evensong – In Person & Online (September through May)


8 a.m. Morning Prayer


12:15 p.m. Holy Eucharist

5 p.m. Evening Prayer


9 a.m. Contemplative Prayer


Special Needs 

Cathy and Christine Braun, Robin Haglund, Pam Lesch, Elizabeth Payne, Ted Pearson, Martha Schultz, Kim Walsted.


Marie Irwin, Mary Sicilia

Ongoing Prayers

Cindy Beukema, Mary Jo Browne, Marc Cliplef, Bob Collier, Sally Cuningham, Richard Evans, Ed Farrell, Eldon Feist, Nancy Foster, Glen Hausfeld, Carol Adele-Jewett, Penny Johnson, Anthony Larson, Robert Little family, Ann Maas, Terry Schlink, Donald and Dianne Sutton.


For the newly baptized and their parents, sponsors, and friends, that they may always grow in the love and compassion of Jesus.

From the Book of Common Prayer: From the Diocese of San Diego:

Almighty God, today we offer our gratitude for all the men and women who have served their country in defense of freedom. For their sacrifice of time, talent, and life, we pay them homage. Help all who have gathered here to remember those whose sense of dedication and patriotism led them to preserve the democratic way of life we enjoy. Enable us to follow their lead and do all that we can to further the cause of peace in the world. To this end, we seek your blessing. Amen.



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