5.12.24 BULLETIN

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Acts 2:42 Community Worship and Fellowship Meal Brochure


11am Sunday Worship Service

5.12.24 "Who is Like the Lord?"

6pm Tuesday Bible Study


6pm Wednesday Service

Acts 2:42 Community Worship and Fellowship Meal

Saturday, June 15th 11am-2pm

Revolving Door

´╗┐Neighbor "Hug" Fun Event for Kids Age 2-12


Last year through grant funds we began the renovation work in our kitchen downstairs. Walls were removed, cinder blocks treated, the entire kitchen was painted. Old appliances were disposed of and plumbing work done.


Soon the final steps to having a functional kitchen that meets Town of Poughkeepsie codes will begin: an exhaust hood, exhaust fans and the required kitchen fire suppression system.


Most of the funding has been secured to complete the work to again have a functional and beautiful kitchen to use for our church events, ministry and rental income.