On July 4 th in the U.S. we consider “ life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness” as unalienable rights for humans. We are also considering historical and current inequity. In truth, how can one have liberty, let alone happiness, without basic necessities?

We are grateful that the new mayor of the nearby municipality of Fray Bartolomé de las Casas has provided the village of Chajmaic, Guatemala with a functional water system, with faucets at each of the 250 homes.  
Human dignity is essential for freedom

And, thanks to your assistance for the past two months, we have been able to provide 42 families in the village with a variety of nourishing groceries, which has sustained them during this pandemic.
This is no small feat. To prevent the spread of Covid-19, the country has shut down public transportation, allowed people limited time to venture out to buy essentials, and prevented inter-regional (interdepartmental) travel. The lack of travel has driven up the cost of groceries, especially in recent days.

So, what you have achieved with your donation is nothing short of a miracle.
42 Families in Chajmaic have Received Nourishing Groceries
This time, we were able to deliver groceries to 8 families – 4 of whom are run by single moms. Because of our longtime relationship of buying in bulk, we were able to negotiate a stable price for this time.

Look at the grace of these families who take the time to come together for a meeting and a prayer, and then participate in a ceremony of giving food to each family, and then pose for photos before they can take the food home to begin cooking it.
And, look at these beautiful children , posing for a photo to thank Sowing Opportunities for sending them help in the form of groceries.
Thank you again for your assistance. If you would still like to give towards the next grocery run, you can contact us via or .

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