Fourth Quarter 2018 Report
January 7, 2019
Retail Clinics Begin Offering OneTest Adoption
In order to provide convenient access to 20/20's proprietary multi-cancer screening blood test, OneTest, we have begun piloting a model where the test is made available at participating Urgent / Primary Care Centers throughout the U.S. Interested consumers who learn about the product from general advertising can schedule an appointment or visit these walk-in clinics, usually located in shopping centers, on evenings or weekends, engage with informed healthcare practitioners, and provide a blood specimens which are sent to 20/20's clinical laboratory for processing.

As of this writing, the following retail clinics have signed contracts to offer OneTest for at least an initial 3 month pilot:

  • Total Access Urgent Care, Rockville, Maryland
  • American Family Care (AFC), Wichita, Kansas
  • Richmond Urgent Care, Richmond Virginia
  • Hillsborough Pharmacy & Nutrition, Hillsborough, North Carolina

We expect additional retail clinics to sign on in Q1 '19 and even more later in the year as the model is demonstrated to be successful during these initial pilots. We have already tested a handful of samples from the opening few days of our Rockville site.
20/20 Opens Israel Office; Marketing Underway in Middle East & Europe
In order to promote 20/20's products throughout the Middle East and Europe, we have hired a full-time regional Marketing and Business Development Director based in Israel.

Last week we entered our first marketing agreement in the Middle East region with i-pharm, a diagnostics and medical device distributor based in Egypt. The company expects to promote both our lung cancer and multi-cancer tests in the region.

In addition to promoting our cancer detection technology, Regional Director Eitan Charnoff, a firefighter and officer in the Israeli Army's Homefront Command, will expand sales of our BioCheck bio-detection kits in the Middle East.

Eitan and 20/20's regional operations will be headquartered at the Center for Digital Innovation (CDI), one of Israel's leading Digital Healthcare entrepreneurial centers. CDI is backed by Allscripts, Deloitte, and the Ben-Gurion University.
Hospitals in Taiwan Gain Access to OneTest Cloud Solution
Beginning in January, 2019, at least two important hospitals in Taiwan are planned to be the first to gain remote access to our OneTest A.I. powered cloud solution. Beitou Health Management Hospital in Taipei and Jen-Ai Hospital in Taichung, like thousands of clinics in East Asia, provide tumor marker testing as part of routine health check-ups. Following product demonstrations by 20/20's Taiwan team, both hospitals see the value in our algorithms and will be evaluating our machine learning solutions using real-world clinical cases over several months. This is expected to be followed by access license agreements with many more hospitals, clinics and health check centers throughout Taiwan, China, Japan, and other East Asian countries in 2019. 
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2nd U.S. Patent Issued Covering 20/20's Lung Cancer Test & Algorithms
On December 18, 2018 U.S. Patent No. 10,156,575 titled "Methods and Algorithms for Aiding in the Detection of Cancer" issued. A copy of the patent, assigned to 20/20, may be downloaded here. The patent broadly covers lung cancer tests that measure tumor antigens with one or more autoantibody biomarkers to identify individuals at increased risk for lung cancer that should receive follow-up CT scans.

This is the second issued patent covering 20/20's lung cancer tests which are expected to become incorporated into OneTest early in 2019. Additional patents covering our multi-cancer tests are pending.
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Original PAULA's Test & Algorithm Validated and Supported by Large Study in China
An October 1, 2018 report published in Disease Markers, described a study involving over 2,000 individuals in China to reproduce the results of 20/20's lung cancer test as published by our company's scientists (Doseeva et al.) in 2015. The Chinese report, which may be viewed here, concluded that the protein biomarkers (CEA, CA-125, CY211) and analytical method used in our first generation PAULAs test resulted in close to "excellent diagnostic efficacy" (AUC 0.866 with 0.9 being "excellent"). The study authors endorse this testing approach for lung cancer screening of healthy populations.

Since our 2015 publication, we have improved PAULAs test with a machine learning algorithm that incorporates patient information such as age, gender, and smoking history. We plan to incorporate PAULAs 2.0 into OneTest while also continuing to offer it as a stand alone test.
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20/20's SEC Qualified Reg. A+ Campaign Exceeds $4 Million Invested to Date
In August, the U.S. Securities & Exchange Commission Qualified our offering under Regulation A. Since then, we have closed on over $4 million from over 1,100 investors which followed $1 million raised last year under Reg. CF. 20/20 has likely become the top equity crowdfunding biotech company in the U.S.

There are several advantages of investing in a Reg. A+ offering (vs. a traditional private placement) for both individuals and institutional investors. These include more transparency and potentially earlier liquidity by accessing the public markets. For more on this, please read " Three Big Advantages of Investing in a Reg. A+ Qualified Company ".

Please invite your colleagues to consider making an investment by visiting our crowdfunding portal before our campaign concludes in a few weeks.
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Informational Luncheon in San Francisco-- Thursday January 10
Shareholders and others who reside in the Bay area or who will be in San Francisco during the J.P. Morgan Healthcare Conference are invited to join us for an informational luncheon on Thursday January, 10 at 12:30 p.m. Complimentary OneTest vouchers will be made available to all who attend this meeting.

The luncheon will be at the offices of Crowell & Moring, 275 Battery St, Ste 2300, San Francisco. To attend, please RSVP to
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New Talent Added to 20/20 Management & Sales Teams
20/20's headcount in Q'4 more than doubled over the previous quarter. Recent hires included a Chief Financial Officer, three Sales Reps., two marketing personnel, and a Middle-East area Director. Bios of our expanded team will be added to our website over the coming week.
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