April, 2023
420 in the Emerald Triangle
Presale Code for Veterans: 420MEDVETS
Big Jake and MedVets look forward to an amazing time celebrating 420 with you!
VCG Stands with the Coalition in Support of Assembly Bill Letter AB-2691 for small farmers
This measure, much like AB-2691 last year, would create a pathway for small producers to sell their craft products directly to consumers, through a “Small Producer Events Sales License”, authorizing up to 32 days of total annual sales at locally authorized, licensed cannabis events for small producers. This market pathway presents modest, yet critical educational, marketing and sales opportunities for the benefit of these producers, and their broader supply chain partners.
Outward Bound Veterans Expeditions Now Available - Apply Now
Outward Bound is happy to announce that our Summer 2023 Outward Bound for Veterans expeditions is now published.

We thank you for your service to our country and are happy we can continue to offer expeditions at no cost to those of you who have sacrificed so much to keep our country safe. You can find the new expeditions in the link below. We will publish Fall expeditions in July and Winter/Spring expeditions in November. 

Remember that you may only attend one Outward Bound Veteran course per calendar year and only two maximum. When applying for a course, applicants are only allowed to be on one course roster at a time whether that is an application for an open spot or a waitlist. Choose your top pick and only apply to that course. 

Please also note that for any courses beginning after April 15th, 2023, we are no longer requiring students to be vaccinated against COVID-19.
"Years ago I went on the rafting trip on the Colorado River and it was amazing! Outward Bound Veteran trips are very cool and for me I was able to talk to and hear other Veterans military experiences that were similar to mine helping me process and heal. Rafting, campfires, sleeping under the stars, and being with fellow Veterans on the river. And, thanks to the supporters that contribute to Outward Bound, its totally paid for all the way from the airplane, hotel, etc. So, really you just need to budget your time, and the rest is paid for. What are you waiting for!?

Thank you Outward Bound providing this amazing experience for Veterans!"

Aaron Augustis, OIF Veteran and Co-Founder of Veterans Cannabis Group
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The Veterans Action Council (VAC) promotes and coordinates efforts on issues facing veterans' access to alternative treatments and therapies, promoting veterans' physical and mental health and their families.
Veterans Cannabis Group is a 501(c)3 nonprofit.
We are an advocacy group of veterans for veterans who use cannabis. We provide education, safe access, information on VA resources and benefits, employment, and networking opportunities in the cannabis industry, and support veteran owned cannabis businesses from cultivation to retail. Thank you for your support!