Can you help us protect millions of renters?
The following is a message from Housing California
Now that the election is behind us and the dust is settling, it’s time to refocus on the pressing issues that are top of mind for millions of renters: rent relief and a universal eviction moratorium. With coronavirus numbers spiking again, this is the time to remind Congress not to forget that 30-40 million renters face looming evictions when the federal eviction moratorium expires in 2021. 

Can you join us, the National Low Income Housing Coalition (NLIHC), Opportunity Starts at Home (OSAH), and advocates from across the nation for NLIHC’s National Call-in Day? Click below to find everything you need to send a letter to Congress today.
Here’s the reality of the moment we’re in: 

  • Tens of millions of renters from across the nation are facing mounting debt from rent due to the financial fallout from COVID-19. 
  • If the federal eviction moratorium is allowed to expire this winter, then our nation will see a wave of evictions in times when people are at their most vulnerable. 
  • Congress has the means to extend a helping hand to renters and people experiencing homelessness by providing emergency rental assistance, emergency homelessness services, and an eviction moratorium. 
  • Failing to act will increase homelessness and housing instability, during winter when the nation is experiencing surging COVID-19 rates and flu season.
  • Not acting is not an option. 

That’s why we’re asking you to remind your members of Congress that there are tens of millions of people — in your community, in neighboring districts, and across the nation — who rely on their action. So join a nationwide call to action in three steps:

  1. Read the script
  2. Call or email your members of Congress
  3. Ask two friends or family members to do the same

If we act together and forcefully, we can help prevent the coming wave of evictions, protect renters’ rights to keep their homes, ensure people experiencing homelessness can access emergency services, and provide funding for affordable housing.