4 Trends in Buying and Selling Small and Mid-sized Companies

March 23, 2023 Edition

In my business life, I'm fortunate to be able to speak with many business Owners and Buyers on a regular basis. 

They call me to discuss buying and selling specific companies or for advice and insights.

I've noticed 4 trends lately in the world of buying and selling small and mid-sized companies.
  • Owners are starting the selling process at a younger age. Typically in their late 40's and 50's. They know that getting a good head start will be key to their transition success.

  • More Owners today are excited about increasing the value of their business before starting the selling process. They know that by adding as little as $100,000 to their EBITDA they could sell for $500,000 more. $200,000 more could deliver an extra $1,000,000 etc.etc.etc. You get the point.

  • Some Owners are getting tired of running their company and the uncertainty that surrounds them daily. Finding good staff is a much bigger challenge today. Government interference and changes to Small Business rules can make matters worse.

  • Buyers are buying, holding for the long term and aggressively growing their acquisitions. This can often include an Owner staying around longer, if they want to, in a consulting capacity. Do the good stuff you love and none of the 'bad' stuff you never really enjoyed.

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Cheers, Eric

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