August 2019
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4 Myths About Long Term Care You Need to Know
It's not uncommon to be confused about long term care. Unlike medical care, long term care is assistance with everyday tasks, including eating, dressing, bathing, using the toilet, helping with incontinence, and moving to and from a bed or chair. Long term care assistance can also include housework, cooking, administering medications, grocery shopping, and managing mone y. 1

Myth 1: "It won't happen to me." People tend to downplay their personal risk, often assuming that others face a greater risk of needing care.
Myth 2: "Medicare and Medicaid have me covered." If qualified, Medicare may only cover a portion of skilled nursing costs up to 100 days. And Medicaid is only available to those with limited assets and income. 2
Myth 3: "That's what my savings are for." Many Americans significantly underestimate the costs of long term care, assuming the average annual cost of a private room is approximately $54,000 - roughly half the true cost. Unfortunately, financial professionals project that clients who experience an unplanned care event may spend their savings 2-3 times faster than anticipated. 3
Myth 4: "My family will be able to take care of me." The burden of caregiving usually falls on the women in the family. Daughters who care for ill parents are twice as likely as non-caregivers to experience depression or anxiety. And the overall cost to a female caregiver is estimated to be nearly $325,000 due to lost wages and diminished working hours. 4
Learn about these and other long term care myths in this quick video:
What Do You Want from Your Healthcare Experience?
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