World Vasectomy Day
November 2019
World Vasectomy Day Begins Monday!
World Vasectomy Day 2019 is fast approaching and will officially kick off this coming Monday! Events will be held through Friday, November 22.

In Bogata, Colombia, the celebration has already begun with public talks, tours of the capital, and street festivals. Here, participants pose wearing WVD boxing gloves.
World Vasectomy Day began in 2013 and has contributed to an estimated 54,000 vasectomies worldwide in the past six years. In 2018 alone, the program contributed to 16,000 global vasectomies, and has grown exponentially every year since its inception. WVD proposes a radical approach to personal responsibility and family planning, and its mission has struck a chord in communities around the world. 

Here, men engage in an interactive virtual experience as part of WVD in Bogata.
World Vasectomy Day, headquartered in Colombia this year, promotes male engagement in sexual and reproductive health by supporting vasectomy providers, forging alliances with public health institutions, and combining traditional storytelling with interactive media to educate communities and increase demand for safe and effective male contraception. WVD encourages men to take control of their own reproductive health and be active participants in family planning. For men, choosing to have a vasectomy can be an #ActOfLove for themselves, their partners, and their communities.
You can get involved by visiting WVD's website, here. Individuals can contribute to the campaign or share their personal stories, and healthcare providers can join our directory, become a participating provider, or celebrate and promote vasectomy within their practice.

You can also post on social media using the hashtags #LaVasectomíaTeDaElPoder and #AnActOfLove, or use one of our suggested tweets below.

You can also check out our cute soccer-themed promotional video, featuring popular sports announcers from Colombia, here .
I support #WorldVasectomyDay -- Vasectomy is the safest and most secure method available for men looking to take responsibility for their role in family planning. #AnActOfLove
#WorldVasectomyDay encourages equity in family planning dialogues. Men taking on family planning responsibility is #AnActOfLove for their families and communities.
I support #WorldVasectomyDay because vasectomy is less invasive than tubal ligation. For men, it is the safest and most effective contraceptive available.