32nd Ward Newsletter: June 7, 2024

Dear Scott,

Local artists have taken over the Peggy Notebaert Museum with the "Flight of Butterflies" this weekend. Each butterfly sculpture is an original design by local artists and all depict the life of the artist and their connection to nature.

Enjoy free workouts and special promotions during the Lincoln Park Health & Wellness Weekend! The Lincoln Park Chamber of Commerce (LPCC)is hosting free classes and a Health & Wellness Showcase featuring a variety of local businesses specializing in health and wellness products and services this weekend.

The Cook County Assessor has released the initial assessments of residential and commercial properties in West Chicago Township. Chicago was last reassessed in 2021. More details can be found below on the West Chicago and Lakeview Townships.

Have a nice weekend,

Alderman Scott Waguespack

 32nd Ward New Residential Lighting Project Notice: Hoyne Ave from Roscoe St to Addison St

There will be upcoming work on Hoyne Ave from Roscoe St to Addison St. The work is part of the Chicago Residential Lighting Improvements program.

Construction is tentatively scheduled to begin the week of June 17th, 2024, pending clearance from and coordination with existing utilities, current work schedule fluctuations, and weather permitting. John Burns Construction is the contractor for this project and Stanley Consultants is providing resident engineering services for the Chicago Department of Transportation.

The work will include the installation of foundations, boring of underground conduits, cable pulling, the installation of new residential lighting poles with piggyback lights, LED Smart Lighting luminaires, and the restoration of concrete sidewalks and parkways disturbed by the construction. The existing light poles will be removed once the new lighting system is functioning properly.

During construction, temporary “No Parking” signs will be periodically installed as required for each activity listed above so that work may be performed safely. These temporary signs will restrict parking during working hours, and residents can park normally after the posted hours and overnight, and usually all day on weekends.

The existing lights will remain working until the new lighting system is functional.

Property Tax Appeals Deadlines for West Chicago and Lakeview Townships!

Official Cook County Assessor Assessment & Appeal Calendar

Cook County follows a triennial reassessment cycle, meaning that a property is reassessed once every three years. A property's reassessment year depends on the township in which the property is located. To determine which township a property is located in, click here. 

In 2024, the City of Chicago will undergo reassessment and each property owner will be mailed a Reassessment Notice, which contains the property address, its characteristics, and its updated estimated Fair Market Value. Properties in the south, west, and north suburbs only undergo reassessment if there is a change due to division work, permit applications, or other special circumstances. A property owner has until the date listed under "last file date" to file an appeal if they choose to do so. The CCAO publishes residential and commercial valuation reports for each township as they are reassessed. To access these reports, visit https://www.cookcountyassessor.com/valuation-reports 

June Beat Meetings

14th Police District-

1433- June 20, 6:30pm

Pulaski Park

1419 W. Blackhawk

1434- June 26, 6:30pm

Bucktown Wicker Park Library

1701 N. Milwaukee


14th District Twitter

14th District CAPS- 312-744-1261

Update from Beat 1932's CAPS Meeting (Ashland/Lincoln/Fullerton)

In the past two month period in this beat, there were 26 thefts, including from vehicles on Lill, a number of which had their doors unlocked, 4 catalytic converters, and 1 license plate. There have also been theft of bags/phones at restaurants- keep an eye on them, and don’t let people place things over them or use them. A common scam in the past has been for people to come up to the table asking you to sign something, putting the paper over your phone, and taking your phone when they remove the paper. There were 8 motor vehicle thefts including 1 attempt of a Hyundai; a lower number of Kias and Hyundais are being stolen due to the update; make sure to get it if you haven’t already. The 19th district still is giving out steering wheel locks at the station. One car was stolen on the 1100 block of Lill by someone with a universal key/cloner. One car was stolen after the keys were taken from a person’s bag while they were at the gym- always make sure to lock your locker.

There were 2 robberies in the beat- one was on April 9th at 6:30pm of a Walgreens delivery truck by people in a red Charger (got $5000 in cookies and cigarettes). One was on May 30 at 1am of a person on an electric scooter by males from a black Jeep who held the victim up at gunpoint.

There were 11 burglaries, many of which were to businesses. This includes the ATM at Red Hot Ranch, the safe from Left Coast, and the cash register from Las Tablas- a camera got the car’s plate- the car later was in an accident and the restaurant's cash register was found in the car; Papacito’s window was broken. There were a couple of package thefts, and a couple of bikes taken from unlocked garages (in addition to making sure your side door is always locked, make sure the overhead door is fully down before driving away). There were two house burglaries- one from a condo on the 2500 block of Southport where the family was away on vacation- $30,000 in jewelry was taken- make sure not to post on social media when you are away from home. There was a burglary of a garden apartment resulting in an arrest on the 1200 block of Diversey on May 13th at 6:30pm. Technically, it was a home invasion (burglary when there are people at home). The police found the one of the offenders still sitting on the steps and arrested her; police cameras were able to track the other offender to the Brown Line where he was arrested with the proceeds of both that and other burglaries including a stolen gun.

It was asked the difference in some of these terms. A robbery is where a person comes up to you/makes contact when demanding something from you. A theft is non-vocal, such as a pickpocketing, or when you leave your phone on the table and someone takes it. A burglary is to a residence/business. An assault is the threat of harm (“I will hit you”) whereas a battery is the actual act of harm (actually hitting you). Aggravated assault/battery is when there is a weapon.

The police spoke about the number of businesses on Lincoln that are getting hit- crews will hit as many as they can in a night. The department is putting efforts towards combating spree crimes in this area. They have both investigatory and enforcement teams with helicopter access focusing on it. Most of these spree crimes are being committed by a small number of people. Once a crew is arrested, the number of crimes committed will drop. One crew was arrested on the NW side that was responsible for 80 burglaries.

Other issues brought up by attendees included 10-20 kids hanging out at Jonquil Park at 11pm- cops will send a car by at this time; two vehicles broken into and one stolen in the alley by Wolfram and Lakewood- all have happened around 1:30-3:30am- police will put it on the radar; a problem AirBnb on the 1200 block of Draper that our office, the 19th, and the Dept of Business Affairs have all been working on (the owner has been told that he can’t rent this out), and the issue of bike cops was brought up- Bike cops work entertainment areas and at events.

One main thing to come from the meeting- “Make crime inconvenient”- Criminals will commit crimes. Make sure you’re not their target by taking preventative steps- to prevent burglaries, have better lighting on and around your property, lock doors and windows, and make sure alarms are armed (also check the retention time on your camera in the event a burglary does occur). To prevent thefts, don’t leave things in your car or unattended. To prevent robberies, don’t walk with your phone out and stay aware of your surroundings, etc. Click here for many other safety tips provided by the police.

Street Sweeping

Next week, street sweeping will occur in sections 5, 6, and 7 (West Lakeview and Hamlin Park). Please be on the lookout for signs and make sure to move your vehicle on your scheduled day (south and east sides of the street are normally done on the first day, north and west on the second; please watch for signs).

Sweepers will do more than one pass on the block in their initial cleaning, but will not come back to clean sections outside of their officially scheduled day. Please take the time to help clear the curb in front of your property to keep the sewers flowing well. Any leftover landscaping debris from winter months should be bagged and put in the alley by your trash cans. Please do not sweep landscaping debris into the street. Piles of leaves and heavy garbage also clog the sweepers and will cause significant delays. Other large objects like branches and metal will also damage the sweepers, so please remove them from curbs.

Residents can view street sweepers in real time using the Sweeper Tracker online tool. 

The Bucktown Garden Walk Approaches!

It's just over a month away from this year's BCO Garden Walk! This year will be a true focus on gardens, with all performances happening in a few select locations, Kid's Fest at St. Mary's, a Wine Walk to get people into the neighborhood, and the return of the printed Garden Walk book. A schedule of events will be coming out in the next few weeks.

Registration is FREE this year. However, you can donate to support the event and the BCO when signing up. Sign-ups will close on June 10th.

Sign-up your Garden Now!

2024 Lincoln Park Health & Wellness Weekend

The warmer weather offers new opportunities to get outdoors and stay active. Join us for Lincoln Park Health & Wellness Weekend on Saturday, June 8 and Sunday, June 9. This two-day event will offer free classes and a Health & Wellness Showcase featuring a variety of local businesses specializing in health and wellness products and services.


Saturday, June 8 & Sunday, June 9

8:30 a.m. - 12:30 p.m.

Click here for classes and locations.

2024 Aldermanic Forum

June 20th 10:30AM

Join the Lakeview Roscoe Village Chamber of Commerce (LRVCC) as we welcome 32nd Ward Alderman Scott Waguespack, 44th Ward Alderman Bennett Lawson, 46th Ward Alderman Angela Clay, and 47th Ward Alderman Matt Martin for our 2024 Aldermanic Business Forum.

This event will give businesses the opportunity to hear directly from their local representatives about issues that matter to them. 

Registration is required.

Sidewalk Cafe Season!

It's Chicago's favorite time of the year, SIDEWALK CAFE SEASON! If you're a business with at least 6' of clearance in front of your restaurant, you could be a good candidate for a sidewalk cafe!

If you're interested in learning more, click here and if you have any questions about the process, reach out to Elizabeth Gomez, elizabeth@ward32.org for assistance.

Marketing Mania is Back!

June 13th 9AM


Marketing Mania is back! The Lakeview Roscoe Village Chamber of Commerce is excited to present Marketing Mania 2024. This half day education event is a great way to learn more about marketing your business, ask questions, and have one on one time with marketing professionals. 

Join them for a presentation from Jennifer Fournier of viaDIGERATI about Maximizing Marketing ROI, a panel from local business owners, and a time to network. Registration includes a lite breakfast from Steingold's and coffee. 

Tickets are included in Chamber membership or $20 for non-members. 

See you June 13th at Mercury Theater

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