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August 2023 Graduate Newsletter 


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30 Biases Used to Hold Women Back

A Great Distributor Meeting

www.womelle.com & Female Founders Podcast


Sept. 12-14,2023

Hyatt Regency

Westlake Village, CA.

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July 2023 Distributor Meeting

We had our last distributor meeting of 2023. We have 2 a year and all 5 distributors are required to attend.

We covered Women Moving Forward® updates and conversations about Ego with our 2 WMF® trainers/distributors; Kate Johnson and Lorrie Tietze.

Then the next 2 days we met with all 5 Distributors, Bonnie & Joe Knott and Jane Welling plus our WMF® trainers/distributors.

We covered completing one's feelings about covid and the last 2 years & using more effective tools for sales and marketing.

The very last day we continued to upgrade our Distributor's training skills. We had some expert pretend participants help us with this. Thanks to Valerie Hodgson, Eric Boyles and Harold Gordon.

Thanks to all who participated!

If you are interested in becoming a Distributor E-mail us.


In Person

Hyatt Regency

Westlake Village, CA

Oct. 11-12 2023

4 spaces left

Here's what our last class participants said about Advanced WMF®;

"I will be a stronger leader"

"I will be more engaged and

productive as a leader"

"I am more self aware"

"I feel stronger and more


"I am more able to

acknowledge my


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This past month I was featured in the Female Founders Podcast and in the WomElle Magazine.

You can access the podcast wherever you get your podcasts and the magazine at www.womelle.com.

Women are Held Back Due to 30 Biases

In a study by CNBC Make IT 913

Women were asked open ended questions and researchers found 30 common personality traits and identity based characteristics women say were used against them at work.

Most of you are not surprised by this. Your own experience has served to instruct you that this is so.

The benefit of this research is once you see all 30 you know this is pure and simple gender discrimination that you have no control over.

Women need to know this, not to discourage them, but to show them they might as well do what they want or think is right because no matter what you do you will be discriminated against!! Don't fall into the trap that this is about you rather than their inability to see you for who you are.

If you are like me this gives you the freedom to not try to change you and to speak up no matter what they use to discriminate against you. This study says to women don't try to fit a mold just be you!

Once you know it is all pervasive and you are behind no matter what, you then get to define your life and career the way YOU want it to be!!

Be you no matter what. It is always the best choice.

Let me know what you think.

2023 Workshops

Retiring With Satisfaction

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Monthly for 4 months

May 31,June 28,July19,August 23


Women Moving Forward®

September 12-14

Westlake Village, CA


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Advanced Men's Course©

October 2-4

Ojai, CA


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Advanced Women Moving Forward®

October 11-12

Westlake Village, CA


Pre-requisite to Women's Leadership Retreat

Women's Leadership Retreat®

November 14-16

Ojai, CA



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Women Moving Forward®

December 5-7

Westlake Village, CA


Productive Relationships©

December 12-14

Westlake Village, CA


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Men Relationships & Work©

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In person


12-14, 2023

December 5-7, 2023

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