March 22, 2023

3 Ways to Use Innovation & Entrepreneurship to Provide Differentiated Instruction in the Classroom

This week is the first installment of a 3-part series on how innovation and entrepreneurship enable you to provide differentiated instruction easily in your classroom.

Part 1: Enrichment Instruction

Tailoring lessons to meet the personal interest, needs and strengths of each student in your classroom is seen by some as difficult to implement effectively. However, innovation and entrepreneurship offer an alternative and creative way to encourage high-ability students in your classroom to think more deeply, while providing a platform for their classmates to genuinely engage in learning according to their personal capabilities.

Introducing innovation and entrepreneurship offer high-ability students a space to apply their learning and demonstrate their ideas, interests, and knowledge on a level that scales with their capabilities.

Two students presenting their invention


Entrepreneurship introduces students to the different facets of starting a business and enables them to dive deeper into specific skills such as, persuasive writing (marketing), math (budgets), science concepts and career exploration (applications).

A labeled diagram of a road trash vacuum invention


The act of inventing provides students with an opportunity to explore applications and think critically about users or customers. These actions naturally encourage students to think in a cross-curricular fashion, developing the ability to make deeper and more complex connections.

Problem Solvers

Connecting science instruction to entrepreneurship and innovation turn abstract concepts into tangible, real-world issues and encourage students to adopt a problem-solving mindset. The active experience of solving a real problem, challenges students to think more deeply about the problem and about possible solutions.

While all these strategies can be implemented with tools already in your classroom, CreositySpace Makerspace packs provide a variety of lessons that can be included in your instruction as appropriate and as time permits.

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Tune in in April 5th for learn how you can use innovation and entrepreneurship inspire students with learning challenges to take ownership in their work. 

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