The Specimen Tracking Solution.
3 ways labs can succeed with automatic data collection 
An investment in technology may seem like a hit to the budget but consider the advantages it can bring to your operations:

  • Greater team productivity – reduced data entry
  • More efficient processes – elimination of lost specimens and fewer errors
  • Improved accountability – specimens can be easily tracked

It’s a project worth pursuing! In fact, our customers experience an extremely favorable ROI (return on investment) that can occur in a matter of months, not years.

Learn more in our blog about the ways in which automation can help optimize the collection and delivery of specimens, the ability track orders and respond more quickly to customers, along with the visibility and insight to make more informed decisions. 
If you’re currently using the Honeywell CT60 handheld computer for specimen collection and delivery, MCE has a new feature that will be a daily productivity booster for couriers. We’ve added 3 icons to the daily route plan. 

Each icon identifies the types of dispatch needed to make throughout the day, so couriers will know which stops are more urgent, which are standard and any new stops that were recently added to the plan. 

This feature is intended to make collection stops easier to see and understand more quickly to keep employees on track throughout their route:  
Regular dispatch
Stat dispatch
Manually added visit
For more information about this new feature, or any features within MCE, please contact us .

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