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September 2017
Strategy: To Audit or Not to Audit?
Has anyone conducted a sustainability audit at your workplace in the past five years?
I'm not sure
We are working on it now
Integration: Top Priority in Your Workplace?
What is THE MOST important component of sustainability at your workplace?
Policies and an engaged workforce
Environmentally preferable purchasing and chemical reduction
Energy and carbon reduction
Waste prevention
Water conservation
Food, wellness, and community engagement
Reporting and transparency
I'm not sure
Results: Perspective Matters
Has your workplace developed and publicized sustainability metrics/report in the past 5 years?
I'm not sure
We are thinking about it and could use assistance
About Plisko Sustainable Solutions
Joan Plisko, PhD, President

Marc Plisko, CIH, Vice President
Plisko Sustainable Solutions (PSS) can help your company develop, optimize, and appraise environmental health, exposure assessment, and sustainability programs. The PSS team will provide expertise and guidance as you improve your company's economic, environmental, and social performance.