The Full Moon on March 18th @ 3:17 am (EST) will be in Uttara Phalguni Nakshatra and the Zodiac Sign of Virgo. Ruling energies are The Sun, Mercury, and Aryaman, one of the 12 solar Gods of Aditi, The Universal Mother
*All Calculations use the Vedic Sidereal /Lahiri ayanamsha.
Timings based on Eastern Standard Time

Uttara Phalguni makes up a pair with the previous nakshatra of Purva Phalguni. Purva Phalguni is signified as "The Fruit of the Tree," and Uttara Phalguni is signified as "The Star of Patronage." There's not much difference between the two except for their desires. One has the fruits while the other maintains the fruit. 

The ancients described the pair as making up the four legs of a bed or cot. These four legs represent the four sheaths that the soul becomes entangled:

  • The physical sheath.
  • The ethereal sheath provides the channel for the flow of vital energy.
  • The astral sheath radiates and responds to emotional vibrations.
  • The mental sheath enables the individual to think.

It is also a representation of the four heads of Brahma, the four Rig Vedas, the four directions, the four elements, and the four states of consciousness. 

With the Spring equinox on the horizon, on March 20th, life is springing into hyperdrive. You may have felt it already these past few weeks. Sleeping patterns changing, energy one day but not the next, an anxious feeling of something is about to change, in a very big way.

On March 16th, the Lunar Nodes changed signs from Taurus/Scorpio to Aries/Libra, signaling a new chapter in the saga of our lives. Endings and beginnings happen simultaneously and are usually not noticed at the moment. 

Taurus/Scorpio felt like traveling through the mud and muck (pandemic) with the overtone of a false sense of security and possibly covering all that mud and muck with spending and luxury. The American way of not dealing with their shadow. This is no longer the case with the changing of the lunar nodes. 

Aries/Libra have the same rulers as Taurus/Scorpio. Mars & Venus. Considering this pair just broke from planetary war, my guess is they were in a debate about how this next eighteen months will be playing out. Expect to be trying new things, either voluntary or involuntary. Relationships will also play a vital role with the need for balance with yourself and others.

Mercury, Jupiter, Neptune, Aquarius, and the Sun in Pisces are in close conjunction for this Full Moon. Wide-scale communication is happening at this moment in terms of humanity and our relationship with one another. It is laced with an expansion of consciousness and deceitful illusion. Some of Humanity continues to wake up to the reality of what is happening even though the powers that be are spinning their web of oppression and lies trying to cover up decades upon decades of deceit. Resorting to old ways will no longer work for a new way. The Sun in Pisces represents this phase of something coming to an end, as Pisces is the last sign on the zodiac. As I mentioned before, beginnings and endings happen simultaneously even though not recognized at the moment. 

Key Themes this Full Moon

  • Life in hyperdrive
  • Endings & Beginnings
  • Balancing Self & Others
  • Trying new things
  • Waking up & Working together

A new dawn and a new day have arrived. Take the blessings of your Winter hibernation into action and let life take where it needs you.

Love and Wisdom
Believe nothing you read, see or hear unless it feels right
and rings true within your soul."

Uttara Phalguni Energy
Ambitious, popular, successful, focused, love comfort and luxury, hard worker, good communicator, reliable, friendly, liberal, fortunate, compassionate, spiritual, courageous, kind, generous, socially adept, and balanced leader.
Egotistical, obstinate, stubborn, lack belief in your own power, promiscuous, restless, disdainful, critical, resentful, bossy, inconsiderate towards other's feelings, arrogant, social climber, and fake, at times.

Favorable Activities
Marriage, Sexual Activity, Beginning Activities, Founding an Organization, Dealing with Authority Figures, Administrative Work, Buying a Home, Inaugurations, Performing Ceremonies, Giving to Charity, Diplomacy, and Wearing New Garments or Jewelry

Unfavorable Activities
Endings, Completions, Confrontations, Retaliation, Activities requiring Harsh Behavior, Retribution, Combat, and Lending Money

Beej Mantra-Om Cham & Om Im 108 times
Mantra-oṁ chaṁ uttara phālgunī nakṣatrayai namaḥ

oṁ la
Once, Vishnu watched Shiva's Tandava or the Cosmic Dance. So rapt did he become in the joyous dance of Nataraja, that he completely harmonized with the Lord of Dance. This created a heavy, pounding sort of vibration, which put an immense strain on Shesha. When the dance of Shiva ceased, Vishnu came back to normal and the weight upon Shesha instantly lifted.

Shesha then queried his Lord about the sudden weight and how it had suddenly left him. Vishnu smiled and replied that he had enjoyed Shiva's dance so much that he had harmonized with his great, unending cosmic and Yogic energy.

Monday, February 28th marks Maha Shivaratri (‘The Great Night of Shiva’).
This is a major festival day dedicated to the Supreme yogi deity Lord Shiva who is worshiped through all-night meditation, chanting vigils, and puja (ritual worship). On this night The Divine favors the ardent spiritual seeker, where it is believed that Shiva’s profound blessings of inner transformation, yogic mastery, and awareness of absolute Reality come to those who manage to stay awake all night on Maha Shivaratri in an unshakable dedication to spiritual practice. 
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