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2023 2nd Installment Bills

For the first time in years, second installment property tax bills in Cook County are expected to be on time! Tax bills are expected to mail July 1st with an August 1st due date. Please plan accordingly as this may come as a surprise to some taxpayers who have come to expect due dates that have been considerably later than the August 1st statutory deadline.

Second installment tax bills cannot be issued until the county’s two tax appeal agencies complete the processing of all Cook County tax appeals which happened on May 5th. The Illinois Department of Revenue must then calculate the state equalizer, property tax exemptions are applied, and tax rates are set. Unless there are unexpected delays in the remaining steps in the process, this year’s bills should be due August 1st.

2023 State Equalizer Cook County

The Illinois Department of Revenue announced the final Cook County property tax equalization factor on May 20th. The department is required by law to calculate the factor to achieve uniform property assessment throughout the state.

This year, the multiplier increased from 2.9237 to 3.0163. The 3% increase reflects the three-year average level of assessments for Cook County property determined by Cook County Assessor Fritz Kaegi versus the actual selling price of individual properties. 

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2024 Appeals

Lyons Township appeals for the 2024 property tax season payable in 2025, are anticipated to begin in late July.

If you are still dissatisfied with your assessment, we are now taking requests for 2024 appeals. We are available by phone or in person to discuss an appeal with you. Final deadline for filing at the Cook County Assessor’s office is still months away, please call or stop by at your convenience.

Unless you have specific evidence to add to an appeal, you can also request appeal assistance by using the link below.

Click here to request a 2024 appeal 

Outreach Events

During the 2023 exemption cycle Assessor Hynes held many outreach events. Our office met with senior groups, veteran groups and hosted mobile office hours at various municipalities during the day and in the evening to better serve our residents.

While there are many stories of tax savings, most outreach events save taxpayers in attendance over $5000 in property tax payments.

If you are interested in learning more or hosting an outreach event, please feel free to contact our office.

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